In Appreciation of Healthcare Workers Everywhere ❤️

IMG_5910The dawning of each new day is a unique spectacle which never fails to raise the spirits and calm the mind.  The sun’s glow as it bursts across the horizon inspires you to take on the challenges of another new day.

The wind has dropped, and all is calm, in Mother Nature’s world.  Despite the chill, the hedgerows were alive with bird song, their morning chorus celebrating resurgence.

In an uncertain world, we can be absolutely sure that the sun will rise every morning, and set every evening.  It is the norm, even in these extraordinary times.

Clapping for Carers.  Photo Credit: 

At 8.00p.m. last night we all came out of our houses to clap and cheer, as well as shedding a few tears, to show our respect and appreciation for all careworkers.

Only an eight-minute drive from my front door,  a handful of doctors and nurses are working tirelessly to save lives. 

It was a small, but a deeply moving gesture, from a huge amount of people.  We came out in our droves, from Jersey to John o’ Groats, to show healthcare workers everywhere how much we care, and how much we appreciate the incredible job they are doing.  Your selflessness knows no bounds. ❤️



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