Yesterday was a bit of a wake-up call for me.

It started after reading a post written by Ben Huberman, Team Leader of WordPress’s Editorial team, titled, Tell Us How Your Site is Adapting to Covid-19.

I responded by saying I’d been finding it hard to focus on the writing that I love and that my whole approach to writing had begun to change.  I was also finding writing a blog more challenging than ever.

Then, I received a text from a friend who has continually offered me support and encouragement after reading endless drafts and edits.  She asked me how I was doing and was hoping I was ‘fitting in lots of writing.’

I had to come clean and tell her that, apart from writing my Covid-19 Diaries – Life Under the Cloud, I seemed to have lost my mojo.

In January, I was in full steam ahead writing-mode.  I honestly believed I could finish book number two by the end of April. I was writing with a confidence I had never felt before, and it was a fantastic feeling. Unfortunately, my purple patch fizzled out about 3 weeks ago as the Coronavirus shit really began to hit the fan.

Perhaps I had been blinkered up to that point? Hoping Covid-19 would just go away.  

Now just doesn’t feel like the right time to be writing a murder mystery spoof. So, it’s not actually writer’s block that is to blame; it’s the Coronavirus Curse. The inability to focus on the writing that I love.

So how do I get my comfort zone mojo back?  In the same way, I broke the writer’s block in September 2014; by writing through it.

I’m sure I will fall back in love with the characters that I’ve left dangling just as I was approaching whodunnit stage, but for now, I am just taking things day-by-day, step-by-step.  Our lives are changing, and we are all adapting to cope with the change.