It’s Monday morning, the start of another working week, which was greeted by steely grey clouds at first light and the biting chill of a northeast wind. However, this was no ordinary morning because there was no rush hour, no scrabbling to find a parking place because as of 8.00 a.m. this morning,  the small Island of Jersey, Channel Islands followed the UK’s lead, and officially went into lockdown.  

This course of action comes as no surprise. Many have criticised the Government of Jersey for not having taken this step sooner to protect the island but, like everywhere else, they adhere to medical advice.

Many of us have been working from home for a while.  Being confined to our homes, except to buy food, medicines and to take a bit of exercise while rigorously adhering to social the distancing rules is essential, in order to protect each other, especially

Our healthcare workers 

Our care workers

Our delivery drivers

Our postmen and women

and all the other islanders who are working so hard to keep the island ticking


Officially, Lockdown is for 30 days in Jersey, but we need to brace ourselves as it is likely to be for longer, depending on medical advice, and we need to keep ourselves busy. For many, it will be entertaining the children, for others, if you are not working from home, it is essential to have a few projects on the go.

In February, I was in Amsterdam.  During my stay, I visited the Anne Frank House and benefitted from a 30-minute talk before the tour. Predictably, it was a very moving visit, during which time, I wondered how I would have coped confined to those small, secret rooms at Prinsengracht 263-265, with eight other people, four of whom were not family members.

Comparing our current situation with what Anne Frank and her family endured is inappropriate – and they managed to tough it out for two years, before going on to suffer unimaginably.

We may be fighting an unseen killer, but it is so important that we hang on to the positives:

  • By staying at home we are going to save lives
  • Stringently adhering to the Social Distancing rules if you have to go out
  • A few months in our own homes?  How bad can it be?  We could be confined to small rooms in Prinsengracht 263-265
  • Companies across the UK are building 30,000 ventilators
  • Antibody testing is on its way
  • Companies and academic institutions are racing to make a vaccine

Keep the faith. Grit your teeth, stay put, and stay strong.







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