Life Under The Coronavirus Cloud

Bad Dream

fullsizeoutput_273aI very often have bizarre dreams, but recently, in those drowsy waking moments, as each brain cell fizzes into life, I ask myself, has the last few weeks been a bad dream?

I get out of bed, throw back the curtains and greet the dawn.  Its hopeful glow makes it difficult to believe that COVID-19 is no bad dream.  The reality is that, while we have been fitfully trying to sleep, our lives have been sucked further under the COVID-19 cloud.

Why didn’t anybody see this coming?

Actually, Bill Gates did.  Microsoft’s co-founder had more than just an inkling. In 2015, he warned that a virus-like 1918 Spanish flu would spread “very quickly”.

“If anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades, it’s most likely to be a highly infectious virus rather than a war. Not missiles, but microbes.”

Bill Gates 2015

Only four weeks ago, the British Government was still displaying a degree of procrastination toward the threat that COVID-19 was posing to the UK.


Allowing The Cheltenham Festival to go ahead was an extraordinary decision as, over that four-day period, 251,684 people rubbed shoulders together.

  • Tuesday – 60,664
  • Wednesday – 56,943
  • Thursday – 65,218
  • Friday – 68,859
  • Total 251,684

Shock, horror!  The attendance figures were down by 14,000, but I bet the 14,000 people who had the nous not to go are mightily relieved they decided against it.

A month on, having been fed the daily bullshit about the virus affecting the older generation and those with pre-existing conditions (a category always vulnerable to infection), the latest reported COVID-19 death in the UK is a 13-year-old schoolboy, who died alone, without his family at his bedside.  He joins the UK’s grim 1,789 death toll – but I’ve slept (or tried to) since I last saw the stats, which are set to rise.

The UK Prime minister and Health Secretary have contracted the virus.  9000 people are currently hospitalised and fighting for their lives because of it, as our wonderful NHS braces itself as this pandemic reaches its peak over the next few weeks.

If I thought our country was a mess post Brexit, and now it has been brought to its knees.  Amid all the chaos, British companies are scrabbling to produce respirators.  Testing kits and protective clothing are still being sourced.  Which begs the question, why wasn’t all this done sooner?  The powers that be have had since December 2019 to consider the implications the outbreak might have on the UK, but watched as is spread across Europe an alarming rate.

When the COVID-19 dust settles, and there is an investigation into why all these things were not done before the acute phase of the pandemic hit, will heads roll?

For in-depth and accurate reporting, stick with Channel 4 News.  They are asking the questions other networks don’t.






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