My WordPress tag line used to be, looking at life from the funny side, but I changed it last week because everything going on in the world right now is no joke. My new tagline is unchartered territory because I suddenly find I have no idea where I’m going. It’s time to re-find my funny.

I started 2020 with newfound confidence and a steely determination to succeed in my writing goals. I’m over halfway through my second novel, a murder-mystery spoof, and was skipping and dancing my way down a road fuelled by purple patches with a finishing date of the end of April.  Then, somewhere around the unfolding COVID-19 crisis in Italy, my bubble burst, and I lost my mojo.  Since then, I’ve been struggling to find my funny.

I don’t seem to have a problem mulling over the maudlin and churning out a dismal COVID-19 dairy, Life Under the Cloud.  More of a dispirited rant about how things got so out of hand so quickly.

In a desperate bid to re-find my comedic flow, I’ve started writing a 15-minute screenplay. Why? I wrote a skit on South Pacific when I was fifteen, which never made production, and I’ve never been drawn writing another script since but, what have I got to lose?

It’s about a row between a mother and her teenage daughter. What could possibly go wrong? I thought if I could generate some quickfire, rib-tickling banter between the two of them, then maybe, just maybe, it will help me get my waggish mojo back.