My Personal Slice of Paradise

I took this photo in April 2013 when I was the closest to paradise that I have ever been.

It was taken in The Maldives.  I’m not going to say precisely where, as this is my personal little piece of heaven on earth. A place where I was ecstatically happy to be cast adrift in the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean.

Just popping out the back door

I am lucky enough to live on the Island of Jersey, in the Channel Islands where we also have fantastic beaches, as well as miles of undulating cliff paths.  Some might think it’s curious that my ultimate holiday destination would be an even smaller island.

I have had four exceptional holidays in The Maldives, that seemed to flash by in a microsecond, and I would hate to think I could never visit again.  It is the ultimate destination when it comes to getting away from it all.

Me, relaxed, and supremely happy.  The ultimate in getting away from it all.

It is a place where time almost stands still, and the colours are stunning.  A shimmering vista of blues.

Whisked away by seaplane or motorboat from Male Airport to your chosen destination.  As soon as you arrive its time to kick off your shoes and feel the soft white sand between your toes.

You wake up every morning to the gentle whooshing sound of the sea underneath your water bungalow, before dropping off your deck into the clear, turquoise water. Flipping onto your back and staring up into the bluest of blue skies.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

Swimming with manta rays, the gentlest of giants, and dolphins, snorkelling with shoals of spectacularly coloured fish and feeling the warmth of the Indian Ocean against your skin.  A truly spectacular part of the world to kick back and relax.

The stunning colours and wide-open spaces of The Maldives.  Island-hopping by dhoni is the only way to travel. PHOTO CREDIT:


I took many photographs of this wonderful holiday to remind me of The Maldives and its stunning beauty. So if I feel down, I look at them, and for a few minutes and am transported back to the precious days I spent in my perfect paradise.


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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and for your amazing comments. My pics were taken on my iPhone! Apart from the shot of the dhoni. I can’t take credit for that (have rectified that now). So, I’ve no real talent, but I enjoy taking photos. Take care.

  1. Truly a piece of heaven on Earth, isn’t it?! Never been but have always admired it in photos. We love Hawaii for similar reasons, but I think this might just outdo our adored islands based on the beauty of the water. Think positive. You will go there again someday. I’m sure of it and when you do, you will appreciate it even more if that’s possible. Maybe we’ll bump into one another…keeping it on my list. Stay well!

    1. Hi Sue. I’ve never been to Hawaii, but I’m sure I would love it. I WILL get back to The Maldives, one day, and, yes, how brilliant it would be to bump into each other in the heart of the Indian Ocean. Great to hear from you. Keep safe and well.

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