Silent Sunny Saturday

We are living in surreal times.  I wake up, blink my eyes open.  The sun is pouring through a chink in my curtains.  It is deathly quiet.  A silent sunny Saturday.

I live in a lane, rather than a street.  There are seven houses close by and children live in two of them.  It has a country feel about it, as there are fields around us, but the main road is only 200 yards away, and the town centre is just a twenty-minute walk.

There are constant comings and goings.  We are all busy.  Our lives taking us in different directions going to work, school runs, evening classes and sporting events.

We chat with each other when we pass in the lane, walking our dogs, going for a jog or a cycle ride.

‘We’re overdue a catch-up!’  We say.  ‘We must get together soon.’

We were snowed in a few years ago, almost unheard of in Jersey, Channel Islands, and we pulled together to dig our way out.  Our sense of community spirit was never higher.

At the weekends, the sounds of the children squealing with laughter can be heard between the dull drone of lawnmowers and the high pitch hum of powerwashers.

Earlier this week my lawnmower gave up the ghost after twenty-odd years of faithful service.  Thanks to the wonders of Amazon, its replacement arrived on my doorstep this morning.

It’s the same make and model as my old faithful, recently deceased mower, albeit an updated version. Unfortunately, when lawnmowers are delivered to your door, certain parts need to be assembled, and it took me most of this afternoon. I huffed, puffed and cursed over the nonsensical diagram and tiny plastic pieces.

I assembled it in the garage with the door wide open, to let in the glorious sunshine that has shone all day.  A perfect day to picnic on the beach or walk the cliff paths.

Then it suddenly dawned on how quiet it was.  Our lane was silent and there no traffic on the main road.  No sounds from the gardens of my sun-loving neighbours.

I took Cassie the Blog Dog for a short walk in the fields, watching the Jersey cows, enjoying the warmth on their backs, and the taste of sweet grass in their mouths. Not a care in the world.

Just another sunny Saturday and, for a brief time, I lost myself in its uplifting vibe. Only we are in lockdown; this is our life under the cloud.

The first test message I received this morning had been from the States of Jersey:

Stop the spread of Coronavirus.

Anyone can get it, anyone can spread it even in warm weather.

STAY HOME this weekend.

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