I’m in a bit of a stew.  It’s already been mentioned that my culinary expertise is going to have to improve while we are in lockdown, and I have started my quest to become a Domestic Goddess; but think I’m failing miserably, so far.

Domesticity and I have never gone dishpan hand in glove.  I blame it on my late mother’s ridiculous idea of sending me to a boarding Domestic Science College when I was sixteen.  I was expelled before my first half term, which tells you all you need to know.


Hints have been dropped in the past, as I have a library of gifted cookery books, so I’ve no excuse.

The best dish I made this week is about my only piece de resistance.  Stew.  Apart from salads.  Unfortunately, we haven’t had the ingredients to make a salad for a while.  Also, it hasn’t been the weather for it, until now.

One of the highlights from last week was the huge box of gorgeous fresh veg arriving on my doorstep. As exciting as the wine delivery a few days earlier.


I ordered four large onions and, one of them alone will make several stews, and now I’ve run out of canned tomatoes. 🙄

Ah, well, best get back to the chopping board.