I have square hands. I had no idea what having square hands says about a person, apart from realising that a career as a hand model would be a no-no.  So, I Googled square hands, and this was the first thing that came up:

‘People with such hands are disciplined, respect authority and are well-organised. They are orderly, precise in manner and punctual mainly because of the influence of their customs and habits.’   https://astrobix.com.

Unfortunately, I do not have any of these attributes.  Except, although I might have flouted the rules a couple of times during my adolescent years, as I got older, I started to respect authority, and quite rightly so.  I am also sure there is an exception to every rule of thumb, or hand, in this case. 

I have strong hands, which was useful growing up in a horsey household and playing racquet sports throughout my life until an injury finally forced me out of the game.

I’d like to think my hands are creative.  I can’t paint or sculpt, but I can write a bit. Grammarly tells me they’ve checked 5,314,555 words since December. That’s a lot of fingertip keyboard taps. 🙌

Cassie the Blog Dog in the herbaceous border after the lockdown chop down

My square hands are good for gardening.  I wish I’d taken a photo of the herbaceous jungle before I kicked off in aggressive pruning mode.

Our hands are such incredible tools. We eat, drink and carry out all manner daily tasks using our hands. Our sense of touch is such a powerful force. We are an instinctively a tactile species. 🙌

Touch evokes human connection, but these day’s we have to remember it is more a case of hands-off.