I am feeling full, uncomfortably so.  Scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast for me is totally out of character. I never eat ‘a proper breakfast’ unless I’m on holiday, so it’s just another knock-on-effect that lockdown is having on me.

On the whole, I have adapted well, I think.  As a writer, I do have the ability to lose myself in a little fictional farce which helps push COVID-19 related thoughts out of my head for a while, but I still can’t get back to the work-in-progress.  The one I believed I would have finished by the end of April, hahaha. 😂  The style of writing that I love has been strangely elusive for a month.  I’m not going to use those two heinous words, writers and block, because I am writing, about 1000 words a day, just not the content that has been giving me so much pleasure for so long.

I have another busy day ahead.  Cooking, cleaning and driving the neighbours mad power-washing, and slotting in my all-important exercise around the fields with Cassie the Blog Dog, all part of my ongoing quest to become a Domestic Goddess.  What order I do it all in is a moveable feast. Let’s slot in some writing first, there’s no rush.  I am unlike many of my friends who have a Lockdown Timetable but, I’ve always been a mañana sort of person.

The things that haven’t changed are the amounts of time I spend navel-gazing and procrastinating which, if anything, have got worse.  Our deadlines and goals for 2020 are now fuzzy and out of focus, which is hardly surprising. We can’t let the threat of COVID-19 put a dampener on all our hopes and dreams.

Being in lockdown is inevitably changing our perspective on many things.   How we will live and work in the future is at the forefront of all our minds.  Our lives are, effectively, on hold until we return to some sort of reality, and we have no idea when that is going to be.  I have no doubt that when we are eventually let out, we will run around like headless chickens trying to pick up where we left off.

Until that time, it is so important to keep focused on life after lockdown and where we want it to take us, as well as the things that we want, but are yet to achieve.