In response to today’s Discover Prompt – BITE – here are three bite-sized bits.


A cautionary tale. When I was about eight, I was eating jam sandwiches at a picnic. The boy sitting next to me bit into his jammy treat but, unbeknown to him, there was a wasp on it. The wasp ended up in his mouth, and he ended up in A & E but, thankfully, he lived to tell the tale.


When I was young and slim , I loved granary bread. I bought it fresh from the local baker on the way home from work and demolished it before burning off its calorific content in the gym. 

One day, my love for granary came to an abrupt, crunching end. I enthusiastically bit into a soft slice, excited for the nutty, rich taste to flood my taste buds and bit down onto something hard. A piece of wire wool.

The trauma was too much to bear, and I’ve never eaten granary bread again.


Another sting, and another cautionary tale. While on holiday in South Africa, also back in my svelt days, I was lounging by the pool in a bikini after having played several sets of tennis. 

Absentmindedly sipping an ice-cold drink from a straw, a wasp with an abdomen the size of my little finger, bit me on the tummy. Shrieking, I leapt to my feet, dancing around trying to shake it off me. 

It was a red alert for the guy in charge of the pool, who appeared from nowhere, carrying a first aid kit, and rummaging around for what I later learned was an Epipen. I was fine, but a week before someone had gone into anaphylactic shock after being bitten by a wasp, and subsequently died. So the pool guy wasn’t taking any chances.

Off to get a bite to eat now.



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