Release Your Creative Beast!

My cat decided to stay out on the tiles last night. I’m relieved to say he rocked up shortly after dawn, just after I’d got dressed to go out and look for him. Despite my lack of sleep, the glorious sunrise and the return of my philandering feline, made me feel more positive about life than I have done for a while.

During the night, while sleep evaded me, I stumbled across a post written by a WordPress author, poet and blogger, Christina Schmidt, MAA Pep Talk to Writers and Poets. How many of us WordPress bloggers can hold our hands up and say that we haven’t blogged about C-19? Christina points out that we WordPress writers and poets have been flooding WordPress with our C-19 angst. Most importantly, while we’ve been doing it, we’ve allowed ourselves to forget that we are, first and foremost, creatives. I’m guilty as charged. I’ve ranted, raved and expressed my anxieties about the current situation. Oh, woe is me, I like to write about life from the funny side, and I’m finding it hard to be funny. 😭

‘If I read one more startup blog about COVID-19 I’m going to Hulk-out and start throwing things. I need the work of my fellows to keep me inspired.’ Christina Schmidt, MA, 7th April 2020

Thank you, Christina, it was the proverbial kick up the writer’s bum that I needed.

We can’t let C-19 steal our creativity.  No more daily gloom and doom journals from me.  Diaries are supposed to be private anyway, aren’t they?  Drowning myself in a thousand words a day about where we are with C-19 locally, in the UK in general, as well as globally, is swamping the creative part of my brain.  There’s a reason, I’ve been limiting myself to one news catch-up a day.

So creatives, stop Christina from hulking-out and do what you do best, unleash your creative beast and write through the storm.

Thank you very much for visiting my niche-less blog! If you have time before you leave, would love you to tell us what you think. All the best, Tessa Barrie

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