Photographic Memories

I took this photo a few years ago. It’s of my nephew and his wife exploring one of our gorgeous Jersey beaches at low tide. I took a series of photographic memories on this day while showing them around the island I love.

What would we do without photographs? Sometime around 1827, Joseph Nicéphore Niépce captured the first fuzzy photo. What a long way we have come since then! We are constantly snapping away on our phones and posting the resulting images on Social Media. Visual images unite us when we can’t be together.  No more so than while we are in Lockdown.

As we get older, photos evoke memories of many things. The far-flung holidays, happy times spent with family and friends, as well as a visual record of our children from newborn to becoming bolshy teenagers, then fully-fledged adults, ready to start visual memories of their own families growing up.

Here are a few more of my memories:

Images of our fantastic life experiences captured in the distance of time can be cherished forever. We can’t go back there, but an image has the power to stir the emotion we felt at the time, and recapture the sounds of that moment. The hustle and bustle of Times Square, the sound of laughter and the surreal stillness of the setting sun.  We are light-years away from those memories now, but they are stored in our hearts forever, relived and enhanced by the power of an image.

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