It’s dawn, and I throw back the curtains, to be greeted by a spectacular sunrise. It takes my breath away.

The sun bursts above the horizon. A radiant, luminous glow of deep orange and flame red, spreading an inspirational light on a darkened world and heralding endless possibilities for new beginnings.

I never wanted an east-facing anything but, for moments such as this, I can’t imagine anywhere else I would want to be.

I savour the moment. My brain is overloaded with hooks and cliff hangers, and I’ve just had one helluva dream. Maybe I could turn it into a mini-series?

The vast, glowing sphere of hot gas shimmers, sitting just above the horizon for a few seconds before powering into the sky. A surreal moment, during unprecedented times.

I go downstairs, boil the kettle, and I begin what I hope will be a productive day.

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