Grumpy Old Woman Rants Life Under The Coronavirus Cloud

Breathtaking Arrogance!

Dominic Cummings has to go! Some may argue that he shouldn’t be in 10 Downing Street at all. The Conservative Government appear to be closing ranks and defending Cummings’s reckless behaviour. So it would seem they have created one set of rules for the entire UK population and another for their MPs, and strategist follower on; Cummings. To me, it smacks of breathtaking arrogance. I am not just mildly irritated by Cummings’s actions, I am bloody furious!

Just to remind you:

23rd March 2020 – Following 335 COVID-19 related deaths in the UK, Boris Johnson announces Lockdown measures, telling the British public, ‘You must stay at home.’

31st March 2020 – Dominic Cummings flouts Lockdown measures and drives 260 miles while suffering from Coronavirus symptoms to visit his parents.

6th April 2020 – Iain Duncan Smith warns members of the British public continuing to ignore the Government’s lockdown rules that they will be responsible for more deaths across the UK. But these rules don’t seem to apply to Dominic Cummings.

23rd May 2020 – 36,675 COVID-19 related deaths have been recorded in the UK (in all settings). Boris Johnson gives his “full support” to Dominic Cummings rule-breaking.

In early April 2020, Secretary of State for Housing, Robert Jenrick drove 150 miles to see his parents, but that was apparently okay too.

I’m sorry Boris Johnson, but this is outrageous!  You can’t have different rules for different people.

There are 11.9 million people in the UK aged 65 or over.  Or at least there were.  Out of the 36,675 that have died so far, most were Baby Boomers.  I suppose it will save Boris and Co a few billion on the total amount they dish out in pension payments every month.  Especially if Conservative MPs continue to flout their own rules and joyride around the country while infected with Coronavirus.  Think on!  If the PM can’t bring himself to sack him, Dominic Cummings should take responsibility for his stupidity, and resign.

I will leave you with the delectable Dillie Keane who has just celebrated her 68th birthday and has written this song for ‘our Dom’ and tells it like it is.


Poet Brian Bilston also has also succinctly nailed it.  Dominic Cummings:  The Lockdown Tour  © Brian Bilston





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