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When You Look Like Humpty Dumpty

I’m a Baby Boomer, it’s Lockdown, and I woke up yesterday with Mumps-like symptoms.  It’s unlikely because I’ve had Mumps. I was about eight-years-old and, surprisingly, I remember my Rubulavirus encounter quite well.  Wandering around in my dressing gown looking like Humpty Dumpty, when I was supposed to be in bed, for what felt like the entire summer holidays.

My late mother spent her life worrying she was going to catch something. In hindsight, I think she suffered from Nosophobia. The extreme or irrational fear of developing a disease. We were very unlike, in many ways. I don’t stress unduly about my health, despite suffering from various different Autoimmune Diseases. Although I confess, I have been shielding myself from the entire population of Jersey for about nine weeks now. It’s nothing personal, you understand but, like the rest of you, a run-in with COVID-19 is something I’m strenuously trying to avoid.

My Lockdown Mumps-like swelling is only on one side.  So, although you can get Mumps on one side and, rarely, more than once, the reality is that I must have some sort of low-grade viral infection.  Bizarre, considering I been living in a bubble for weeks.  Or it could be yet another unwanted autoimmune spin-off.

Whatever it is, and the alarming speed with which the swelling throbbed its way up my face, it is something I could do without. If my bulging cheek and neck fail to deflate in a few days, do I risk venturing out to take my Humpty Dumpty face to see my GP?  Even if we are now in partial Lockdown, I’m not sure this Baby Boomer is ready to expose herself and her autoimmunity just yet.  I don’t think I am becoming Nosophobic. 😉 But after nine weeks spent in splendid isolation, and still managing to catch something, catching something else is the last thing I want to do.

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  1. IKJHYF. I also have a constellation of health issues that put me in the very high risk category should I contract Covid19. In fact, I had a medical crisis in May of 2018, in which I nearly died. I had only just recovered enough to feel like my old self when coronavirus reared it’s fangs at the world. I haven’t been anywhere in public since March 12th.

    But, my husband – who works in the bakery/deli of a grocery store – lives in fear of bringing Covid19 home to me and/or our son, who has asthma.

    I wouldn’t say it’s an overreaction on your part to remain in strict lockdown. Neither would I discount possible coronavirus infection without being tested. What you describe doesn’t sound to me like the peripheral effects seen by some suffers; however, symptoms of this virus have included swelling without or prior to the more expected virual symptoms. Look up “Covid Toes” to check out some of those other symptoms.

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