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Capturing the essence of a 90,000 words (±) novel is a bloody nightmare. We spend weeks, months and years, scripting stories, creating characters, in 500; is a bloody nightmare. Or is it because and I'm trying too hard too hard in my attempts to wow a potential agent?  

We spend weeks, months and years, pouring our hearts and souls into writing books.  Developing the characters, feeling their pain, creating conflict, planning the plot and tailoring the twist. We know our story, inside out.  Every paragraph, every chapter, every comma and every full stop. So why do we flounder when it comes to writing the damned synopsis?

I have hundreds of versions of the damn things and have spent weeks, months and, dare I say, years, writing and rewriting them.  But, Hell!  I’m a novice.  I’ve naively been thinking that if I leave them to fester for a while, and go back with fresh eyes, edit the living daylights out of them, I’ll produce a killer synopsis, but it isn’t necessarily the case.

Most of them will end up in the dustbin… or being burned alive.  Death to the synopsis!

The reality is that the synopsis has to live. Capturing the essence of a 90,000 word (±) novel in around 750 words is a bloody nightmare, but it has to be done. There is a very high chance that you will feel pushed to the synopsis limits when you are asked to write one in 300 words. It may feel like the time to lie down in a darkened room, but it has to be done.

If you are going to woo a potential agent into reading your manuscript, your synopsis needs to be polished, with a strong opening hook. Have I mastered it yet? 😂 😂 But I’m am working on it.





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