Finishing writing The Secret Lives of The Doyenne of Didsbrook, a murder mystery spoof, will be my priority in 2021.  She’s been ignored over the last few months, which I feel bad about, as Just Say It has been getting all my attention, but I’ve been missing her, ‘The Doyenne’, and her secret lives.


The Doyenne of Didsbrook former darling of London’s West End turned best-selling author.

‘The Doyenne’, Jocelyn Robertshaw is the most flamboyant out of all my characters to date, which I think is why I love her so much.

I love all my characters, and another favourite is Elizabeth Goldsworthy-Grant.  She is the outrageous mother of my main character in Just Say It, but she’s a bitch. Albeit a bitch you love to hate! In contrast, Jocelyn, although flawed, is a fundamentally good person; after all, everything she did in her life, was for love.

As a murder mystery spoof, The Secret Lives of the Doyenne of Didsbrook has been a joy to write, probably something to do with the fact I wrote the outline of the story before writing it, whereas Just Say It, was an out and out pantser.


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