In a Bah Humbug State of Mind

I started off December 2020 in a bah humbug state of mind.  Now, here we are on Christmas Eve and my mental state hasn’t improved.  Two days ago, I rearranged the sitting room and forgot I’m not in my prime anymore, when I swung a heavy, high-backed chair from one side of the room to another and, my back gave way—what a time to self-incapacitate.

The Christmas tree may be up and looking gorgeous. All presents are wrapped – apart from the ones I haven’t got and can’t do anything about now, but walking around like the living dead is not useful when Christmas meals need to be cooked, and the constant rounds of clearing up are about to begin.

But, hey, you have to look on the bright side of anything positive in 2020.  Things have improved this morning, yesterday I needed help putting my knickers on.

A #thankyou to #everyone who has #liked and #followed in #2020. It’s not been the #bestofyears for any of us.   #HappyChristmas to you all and may #2021 see you #acieve all the #hopesanddreams you had for yourselves in #2020!

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