I dare to dream about life beyond COVID-19, even unconsciously.   During the early hours of this morning, I dreamt, very vividly, about moving house.  We were looking in 2020, but it wasn’t the ideal year to find your dream home.  We didn’t see anything our hearts would want to call home sweet home, but in my dream, we’d not only found it, but we were moving in.


As we cautiously juggle our priorities for 2021, I rejoiced when I heard the announcement made by Sir Simon Stevens – the head honcho of the NHS, that all the over-50’s will have had their COVID-19 vaccination by late Spring 2021.

‘Late Spring,’ I thought. 💡’That would be about the end of April,’ I naively thought but, before I started Conga-ing around the house to Gloria Estefan thinking the butt end of April marked the end of Spring, I thought I better check.  According to the  Gov.UK’s Met Office, Spring 2021 officially ends on 21st June, so another six months to go creeping around 2021 wearing masks and rose-coloured spectacles.

We’ve been living under the COVID-19 cloud for the best part of a year, so what difference will six more months make?  Looking on the bright side, given these predictions, we should be back to normal by Christmas 2021.  Hurrah!  Ah, but there is B Brexit to worry about as well here in the UK, the land of self-induced isolation.

Since COVID-19 reared it spikey little nucleic acid and protein head, I have dared to dream about how sweet life will be after we’ve all had the long-awaited shot in the arm.  I said the other day I would be storming out of the blocks into 2021, but I think it will be a more gingerly approach, getting as much done as we can before we get jabbed.

COVID-19: Margaret Keenan, the first patient to get Pfizer vaccine, receives her second jab.
What heartwarming news – GO MARGARET! 
Dare to Dream

During the last twelve months, my goals, ambitions and ideals have changed.  If I didn’t already know, the things that matter the most in life are not material.  No one gives a toss how big your house is or how successful you are; it is what you feel in your heart that’s important. The essence of life is sharing it with the people you love.

I dare to dream that we will find a place where our hearts can call home.

I dare to dream about spending time with the people I care about, without being 2 meters apart.

I dare to dream about going out for a meal, or to the theatre – how I’ve missed the smell of the greasepaint – and listening to Little Black Dress cook up a storm in the Blue Note Bar with other live music lovers.

I dare to dream about a change of scene – I used to write poetry, just as well I gave it up.

I dare to dream about soaking up the sunshine somewhere with the gentle lapping of the sea in my ears, inhaling the exhilarating, briny COVID-19-free air.  Joy.

Be patient, stay safe, the good times will roll again and, although it’s impossible to calculate precisely when, in the meantime, please stay optimistic about what the future holds and dream about your plans that will come to fruition when things get back to normal in 2021 and beyond.

For now, I’m off to Conga around the house, with Gloria and the Miami Sound Machine.