HAPPY NEW YEAR!  In the immortal words of Howard Jones, things can only get better in 2021!

Around 6.p.m. yesterday, I kicked off my jog pants, showered, washed my hair and dolled myself up while mentally preparing to boot out 2020 and celebrate the arrival of 2021.

I took a stroll along the green-carpeted landing from my bedroom to the stairs, looking longingly at the photos and prints, framed and hanging on the walls.  The hibiscus, a watercolour from Barbados, prints from St. Lucia and a  photo of us all embossed on to canvas splashing around in the Arabian sea between picture-perfect coral atolls in The Maldives.  Treasured memories.

We amble downstairs, ready to party.  It is a psychological necessity, but we are not going out on the town.  New Year’s Eve 2020 is spent shuffling between the kitchen and sitting room because we live in strange times.  We cannot go out and celebrate the end of what has been a shit year, but we will celebrate getting rid of it.

My favourite restaurant, Aromas, delivers our meal and it is delicious.  The conversation and the alcohol are flowing; I feel warm and loved.


After dinner, Jools Holland does his best to keep our spirits high with Tom Jones and Celeste crooning their brilliance to a void where the audience should be.  We love the show anyway, bopping around the sitting room, the rug in front of the fire all rucked up.  At midnight we hug each other and raise a glass of fizz to welcome 2021. F*&% off, 2020.

When all the guests of the Jool’s 2020 Hootenany take their final bow, we are drawn to YouTube to watch the ‘Best Of Jools’ over the years when the TV set was crammed with an enthusiastic audience, and we squeal with delight when we spot a famous face in the crowd.

I love spending time with the people I care about, and whatever situation we find ourselves in, we will always make the best of it, despite expectations of New Year’s Eve 2020 going off like a damp squib, but we are luckier than most in so many ways. Almost 80,000 people in the UK have lost their lives to COVID-19 during 2020.  For their family and friends, there was no sparkle in the fizz last night.


We face uncertain times ahead.  Unable to make any long-term plans until we have been vaccinated.  In the short term, there is little to look forward to. For me, a Dry January, while we sit back and watch the Brexit car crash unfold.

I was born in Yorkshire but, these days I’m not so proud to be British.  My Grandmother was Greek, so I’m seriously thinking about claiming Greek citizenship as, for forty-seven years, my heart and soul has felt a part of the  EU community.  If I decide to go down that route, I wonder if Greece would take me as one of their own after the country of my birth abandoned the EU ship?

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Things can only get better.