2020 was a goddam nightmare

Dear Diary, as 2020 was so goddam bleak, I intend to record only positive thoughts and affirmations this year.

January 2nd 2021

Well, hello, 2021! I took down the tree and the Christmas decorations today because now that you’re here, there no point in hanging around, I want to get on with it. You’ve been a long time coming.  It’s been the longest 365 days of my life because, as I’m sure you’ve heard, your predecessor was a nightmare. So, I’m hoping for good things from you, 2021 – no pressure – I’m sure you will deliver.  Well, you can’t do any worse than your hideous predecessor.


Today is my first official DryJanuary day. Well, I couldn’t have started yesterday because, at the stroke of midnight, we popped the cork on a bottle of fizz to jettison 2020 into oblivion, where it belongs.  Perhaps, I shouldn’t have had a Tia Maria frappé afterwards, to sweeten off, as the combination of alcoholic beverages consumed both before and after midnight, rendered me completely useless for the whole of New Year’s Day.   That’s all behind me now,  detox here I come!  Today saw me striding across the fields with Cassie the Blog Dog in my new walking boots, and I will be looking forward to a large tomato juice around drinkies time this evening, and for the rest of the month. Erm… 😬

Well, that is the plan for Dry Jan, but if I’m going to stick to it,  I will have to steer clear of reading about Boris’s Brexit Blunderings or watching Hancock’s Half-Hour of painful COVID-19 briefings which, even in small doses, are enough to drive me to jump off the teetotal waggon.

I have quite a few goals on my list which I’ve had to carry over from 2020 because nobody could go anywhere to achieve anything – apart from Dominic Cummings, but he is history now.   Anyway, 2020’s outstanding goals need to come to fruition this year.  My star sign is Aries, and my patience has worn very thin.


It’s quite a long list, so I can email it to you which might be easier.  Once you receive them, I would be grateful if you can give me an idea of what the timings are likely to be.  So I can start planning trips, etc.  That would be great, thank you.  In the meantime, here are my top five goals on the aforementioned list that I intend to achieve during your 365 days.

5. Turning into a domestic goddess. I am now packing my new Pinch of Nom cookbooks, and I am planning to turn supper times into a series of culinary delights, rather than just dishing up salads and stews.

4. Travel is high on my agenda, so I hope you won’t keep us caged-up for too much longer after you’ve got the COVID-19 vaccinations flowing, which brings me to number 3.

EU've always been the icing on my Black Forest Gateau, the unsalted butter on my croissant, and the creme in my coffee.  

3. After doing a dry(ish) January and a severely calorie-reduced February and March, my post-Christmas and New Year belly should be beach ready by the end of April for the first, of several, great escapes to Europe.

I will always be a proud European, and I am suffering from chronic withdrawal symptoms, having been deprived of European bonhomie since July 2019. 😢

EU’ve always been the icing on my Black Forest Gateau, the unsalted butter on my croissant, and the creme in my coffee.  So, before I fall apart and bring any negativity into this, here are my top two goals.

2.  Finish The Secret Lives of the Doyenne of Didsbrook by the end of April and,

  1. Find an agent for Just Say It

So, 2021, can you deliver my top five goals?  I do hope so.

As of tomorrow, I will be back in my writing space, crouched over an overheating laptop, blinkered in my quest to achieve my top two goals. À bientôt.