As we live in surreal times, I decided to call today Tired Tuesday.  It is the day after Blue Monday, the official name for the third Monday of each New Year, which apparently, has been noted as the most depressing day of any year – not just one plagued by a pandemic.  Surprisingly, I felt quite upbeat, as for the first time in 2021,  I felt like I had a wasp up my arse, for the whole day, until I ran out of steam.

I tackled most of the things I’d been putting off for the last three weeks, including mowing the meadow, that used to be my lawn.  Only I didn’t quite finish it.  It was too much like hard labour.  After weeks of monsoon-like weather, it was still oozing moisture and way too long for my electric lawnmower which protested long before I decided I’d had enough.  So, I need to push myself out there to finish it off this morning, before it rains, again.

Unfortunately, pushing myself to get stuff done yesterday, has had a knock-on effect this morning.  I feel completely drained on this Tired Tuesday.  I’ve been feeling exhausted for the last three weeks, and I blame my lethargy on many things.

SURREAL TIMES: Tired Tuesday, the Day After Blue Monday
SURREAL TIMES: Tired Tuesday, the Day After Blue Monday
  1. The build-up to, and the enjoyment of, the weirdest Christmas on record.
  2. The dampened down New Year’s Eve celebrations, although my hangover told me something else, apart from it being time to think about a serious detox programme.
  3. And then Dry January got off to an appalling start. I fell off the wagon after 48 hours.  NOTE TO SELF – it’s best not to watch the depressing 5.00 o’clock PM COVID-19 briefings, and having to look at the state of his hair while he pontificates.
  4. Three weeks of vigorous editing –  although I took a break from it yesterday – is enough to make anybody feel tired. It’s all that concentration, as well as trying, so hard, to stay blinkered from what is going on in the world right now. Still, I feel fortunate to have writing as a passion and a form of escapism during these surreal times, although it’s hard to find a comedic slant.
  5. The fact I have (several) autoimmune diseases. SURREAL TIMES: Tired Tuesday, the Day After Blue Monday
  6. The mentally draining COVID-19 nightmare we find ourselves living in – generally.
  7. Lack of sleep.  When I do fall asleep I am caught up in a blockbuster nightmare, after several shoot-outs at the not so okay corral recently, it was a bit of a Blair Witch Project last night.  NOTE TO SELF:  You shouldn’t binge-watch  The Haunting of Bly Manor before going to bed as you’ve been doing for the last couple of nights, but there is only one chilling episode left.
SURREAL TIMES: Tired Tuesday, the Day After Blue Monday
Another bad hair day for BJ. Photo Credit:

Ah, but I have so many reasons to be cheerful, and I count my blessings for all of them.  I am looking forward to being being vaccinated and ditching my mask, free to create new adventures away from my home and hayfield of a garden.  Yes, I consider myself to be very lucky on this Tired Tuesday, I’m still here to complain about life and the surreal times in which we live because, God knows, too many people have not so lucky.  It is now almost dark and I still haven’t finished mowing the lawn but, in my defence, there are still large bubbles of moisture attached to each blade of grass.  I am knackered and my lawnmower’s still drying off from Blue Monday, but tomorrow is another day, so let’s hope I won’t have to christen it Wet Wednesday.