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Nail Your Shifting Points of View!

There is always a great deal going on inside my head at the same time as I bounce ideas off each other. Too many, on occasions. I flit and float from one thought to the next, so perhaps that is one reason why I have allowed something similar to creep into my fiction writing. Unwittingly, I have been flooding each chapter or scene with multiple points of view.


I love creating characters.  For me it is the fun part of writing. People are so fabulously diverse, from their features to their foibles, there is so much to work with, and there is nothing more pleasing than transferring what they say and feel from my head to my hard drive.

But, has it  finally sunk in?  Have I finally realised that I shouldn’t head-hop around the page and allow multi-characters to chip in with their POV’s in the same chapter or scene.

Melissa Levine of Red Pen Editing pointed out I had a POV problem towards the end of last year, but it didn’t really hit home then. It took another few months to fully appreciate that my chapters weren’t working as effectively as the could be because of the switching POV’s, which is thanks to a recently received and invaluable critique.

Well, no more!  Gone are the days that I will let multiple characters loose on a page vying for their opinions to be heard.  It’s all been part of the learning curve, although I knew that writing a novel was never going to be easy, but now I’m sorting my POV’s out, I can create a more pleasing read.  Let’s hope I don’t overdo the flashbacks, eh? There’s so much to learn.

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