Soothing Your Itchy Feet During the Lockdown Days – You Can’t Be Serious?

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Soothing my itchy feet and keeping them happy during these eternal Lockdown days is an ongoing problem. I’ve tried binge watching twenty years worth of travel videos, with my feet propped up on a stool, so they can relive those heady sun soaked, beach filled days feeling the sand between their toes, but they are still not happy.  In fact, one of them is particularly grumpy this morning, and is refusing to get out of bed. Seriously.

Soothing my itchy feet in the Indian Ocean in 2013

I’ve never been interested in the contents of my wardrobe or how bouffant my hair is.  I’ve always hankered after a backpack and a pair of stout walking shoes, well, flip flops preferably, to cover my itchy feet, rather a Gucci handbag and matching pumps.

I am essentially a hot house flower. Living in Jersey, Channel Islands, UK, I get my fix during the Summer months, but if I don’t soak up some serious sun during the Winter months, I get seriously crabby.

Source unknown – the image is currently being tossed around on social media. I’m the one right at the top.

So if my feet are depressed, looking at this photograph of me in April 2013 soothing my itchy feet in the Indian Ocean, makes me seriously sad.

Matching hair. Falling in love with Ted in Dam Square, Amsterdam, 25th March 2020.

This time last year we were headed for Amsterdam.  I had never been before and I loved every minute and I still have  some seriously unfinished business there, but I have to have a seriously hot beach fix first.

There is one positive thing that has come out of the endless Lockdown days, having revisited the picture of me with my Amsterdam love, Ted – which highlights that we both had the same colour hair – it really suits Ted, but the washed out bleached look (AKA grey) on me?  You can’t be serious?

Lockdown is solely responsible for one good thing. My first venture into experimenting with ‘wash out after 8 washes’ hair dye.  I am currently dark blonde but, depending on how many more Lockdown days my itchy feet and I are in for, these are what my next few hair colour experimentations will be… not necessarily all at the same time.

Planned temporary hair colour experimentation over the remaining Lockdown Days – although not necessarily all at the same time. Photo Credit:

I had such great travel plans for 2020, and am now seriously wondering if there is any point in making any travel plans for 2021.

Right, grumpy old woman rant about my grumpy itchy feet is over.  We are off to march Cassie the Blog Dog around the fields while remembering just how lucky we are to be able to do that.

My Constant Companion, Cassie the Blog Dog – Let’s go for Serious Walkies!


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