2015 THROWBACK – GOW WAXING LYRICAL – My Place in the Sun

2015 Throwback – GOW WAXING LYRICAL – My Place in the Sun

This GOW Waxing Lyrical throwback from 2015 about my place in the sun, The Algarve, has really hit home.  It now 19 months since I last visited the place I love and, as from 2020 had planned to spend more time. Once given the green light, I will be on the first flight.  

Sometimes, when looking back at old posts, I do wonder what was going through my mind at the time. The laughable thing about this post is that I was certain I would finish the first draft of my first novel during that two week sabbatical in August 2015  Given I’d only started writing it at the end of June 2015, I can only conclude that must I have written this post after a visit to my favourite bar. Oh, the naivety of a a virgin novelist!

“Welcome to Faro”.  The Easy Jet Steward announced on arrival last Thursday.  “Please make sure you take all items of hand luggage with you, as well as all your children”.  Apparently last week when that particular crew arrived in Faro, someone left their child on board.

I battled to mow the lawn before leaving last week due to the monsoon season having arrived early in Jersey this year.  So stepping out of the aircraft into 29C heat at 19.00hrs was just wonderful.

As someone who has always spent everything I managed to save on travel – and I have no regrets, the draw of The Algarve has been like a magnet to me since my first visit twenty-three years ago. It is the one place in the world have I have earmarked as my place in the sun.  The place I would like to retire. Sitting beneath umbrella pines at sunset with my laptop, recording the storylines that are stacking up in my head, has a definite appeal.

2015 Throwback – GOW WAXING LYRICAL – My Place in the Sun – loving the Umbrella Pines

These days, going away for a two week break, means leaving Cassie the Blog Dog.  Seen here giving me a rueful look as I made the final adjustments to my suitcase.  I hate leaving her, and hope, one day, I she will be able to come with me.

Cassie the Blog Dog

For now, a friend moves in to look after Cassie and the Cats when we go away.  I know they love her and the guilt I feel about leaving her to go on holiday is, slightly, less intense.

So, here I am! I have just over two weeks to finish the first draft of my first novel, with my laptop, under the umbrella pines, in my place in the sun.

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