Matching hair. Falling in love with Ted in Dam Square, Amsterdam, 25th March 2020.

Travel Undaunted?  Well, the last time I did, was one year ago today. On 26th February 2020, I was in Amsterdam smooching, with my holiday love Ted, in Dam Square.

Tuesday in Amsterdam was cold but sunny-ish, so we made the best of the weather and my cartilage-less knees managed to hobble 5.3 miles.  We were in Amsterdam for a family celebration, so nothing would have stopped me from going but, as the best way to enjoy central Amsterdam is on foot, a visit after I’d had my bionic knees installed would have been the sensible option.

As the others took in Body Worlds and the Van Gough Museum, I sauntered through the streets of Amsterdam at my own pace, taking in the sights and sounds.

Dam Square is home to the Royal Palace, where I fell in love with Ted.  We both have the same hair, which I think is rather sweet, but I am philosophical, holiday romances never last.  I should stress that I am not an advocate of horse carriage rides in cities, especially in places where the temperature can soar, but Ted looked like a happy, healthy, boy to me.  I’m just sad I couldn’t fit him in my cabin bag.

The Chicken Bar, Voetboogstraat, Amsterdam. Photo © TheFork.com

In the evening, we went to The Chicken Bar for a meal.  Buzzy, great service, and yes, the chicken lives up to its reputation.

“Best rotisserie chicken and ribs in Europe.”

It’s a small restaurant tucked away in Voetboogsstraat, so it is advisable to book a table.


The Eden Hotel, despite a little confusion over our booking, was a great place to stay.  Comfortable, very central and, oh, they know how to lay on excellent buffet breakfasts.

I have unfinished business in Amsterdam, and I will go back, maybe during the spring/summer of 2021 with bionic knees.

I need to take a canal trip, explore the parks and more museums, as well as to enjoy a long, leisurely lunch by one of the canals, in the sunshine, is also very appealing.