The Editing Process – Two Years Into the Mix

To be honest, in 2019, I didn’t have a clue about about how long the editing process was going to take. I was so excited to have ‘finished’ my first novel, I believe I would have laughed out loud if someone told me I’d still be editing the same manuscript, two years on.

I have been doing other things in between, but stepping away from yet another edit for a few weeks, before reviewing it with fresh eyes, is an essential part of the process.

I don’t think that, even after reading this, very accurate, C. K. Webb quote in 2018, that the enormity of the task ahead of me had sunk in.

C. K. Webb
C. K. WEBB – Image © C. K. Webb

“Edit your manuscript until your fingers bleed and you have memorized every last word. Then, when you are certain you are on the verge of insanity… edit one more time!”
C.K. Webb

For a long time I thought writing the synopsis was the greatest challenge, how wrong was!

Getting over the final editing hurdle is the biggest challenge I have faced during the whole novel writing process.  To be an editor you need to be disciplined, a skill I have had to develop.

Can’t find copyright for this one, which has been doing its rounds on Social Media recently, but if anybody knows, I would be grateful if you could pass it on!

It’s such a tough process that it makes me wonder how many first-time novelists fall at the final editing hurdle?

I’ve been very close to giving up, many times, but I have gone too far for that now.

Although I hope not too far and this is me now 😏  ➡️


What fresh Hell awaits me now?
Rejection?  Let’s hope not!

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