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Morning Glow – The Inspirational Light of Dawn

Yesterday at dawn, I was woken by my cat purring in my ear.  There are worst ways of being woken up.  Throwing back the curtains, I was greeted by a spectacular sunrise bursting across the horizon and the inspirational light, together with the birdsong, quite took my breath away.

A vast, glowing sphere of hot gas that shimmers just above the horizon for a few minutes before powering its way into the sky. A surreal moment, during unprecedented times.

I have often waxed lyrical about the sunrise bursting above the horizon and it is never quite the same. Its radiant, luminous glow of deep orange and flame red, lifts the spirits and spreads an inspirational light on a darkened world and heralds endless possibilities for new beginnings.

I savoured the moment. My brain flooded with hooks and cliff hangers, and I’ve just had one helluva dream. Maybe I could turn it all into a mini-series?

I went downstairs to boil the kettle. The start of what was destined to be very productive day.


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