BEYOND THE COVID-19 CLOUD – Our Road to Our Recovery

Our Road to Recovery

This time last year I had started writing my COVID-19 DIARIES – Life Under the Cloud.  Now, after a surreal twelve months, we are beginning to see the light at the end of the COVID-19 cloud.

A glimmer of hope; our yellow brick road to recovery. Exciting times ahead, but it will be a gradual process, and some things can never quite be the same again. The world at large will have to make significant, and long overdue changes.

COVID-19 was a wake-up call to to the world.  It was the pinnacle of man’s destruction of our fragile earth from climate disruption, to racial injustice and rising inequalities. As we tiptoe our way back to life as we once knew it, certain age-old ideologies have to go.

Our fragile planet is in big trouble, and things cannot go back to the way they were. Changes have to be made. We have to change, from the way we work and live our lives, to ensure the devastation of COVID 19 – or something similar  – never happens again.

To dig ourselves out of this nightmare, our recovery programme will have to be one of global cooperation.  We all need to do our bit to rebuild a more equal, fairer society. We have to do it for our children and for the generation yet to be born.


My Carbon Footprint

During the first Lockdown, I took a long, hard look at my life. The most important part of our lives are the people in it and COVID-19 so cruelly denied too many people around the  globe that Devine.

Where we chose to live during our very short time on earth with the people we love, is also fundamentally important.  Furthermore, your home, your feathered nest, does not need to be of grandiose proportions.

There were many aspects about my life I wasn’t happy with.  Too much of everything.  Clothes, most of them I’d long since ‘grown out of’, but kept them, hoping that that one day, I would wake up and, magically, slip into them again.

CLUTTER!  I have hung on to everything, random photos, press cuttings, travel memorabilia, coursing back through decades of my life, including my late Father’s motor mascot… which weighs a ton.

Then, I started mugging up about what I could do to best help the planet.


Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

If you haven’t already made adjustments to your life, here are some of the basic changes you can make.

  1. Insulate your home 
  2. Switch to renewables 
  3. Buy energy efficient 
  4. Use less water 
  5. Change your diet
  6. Turn off the lights 
  7. Go digital 
  8. Cycle to work 
  9. Reduce,  reuse, recycle 
  10. Eliminate single-use plastic 

The World Wildlife Fund too, advocate 10 things you can do to really make a change, after you’ve read the Living Planet Report.

We’ve got a long way to go, but it’s not too late, if we act now.  It is of paramount importance that we start now!

If we all do something, however small, to save our fragile earth, we can help its regeneration. The future of this planet is in your hands, and maybe, one day, it will return to being the wonderful world we once knew for future generations to enjoy.



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Writer from Jersey, Channel Islands, UK, who looks at life from the funny side. Her first novel Just Say It was published in June 2021, and she hopes to publish novel number two, a murder-mystery spoof, by the end of 2021. View more posts

One thought on “BEYOND THE COVID-19 CLOUD – Our Road to Our Recovery

  1. alhenry – I love a challenge (though I can sometimes be heard cursing myself for taking on yet another hydra-headed project). I enjoy anything that allows me to be creative: writing, cooking, garden design, decoupage. I travel whenever I can, and London is my favorite city in the world, the home of my heart. Over the years, I have paid the mortgage by writing, editing, and teaching. Home is a late-19th century heap (in constant need of TLC) that I share with my funny, smart, generous husband and two wayward cats. Aspirations? To publish my fiction, and enjoy each day.
    alhenry says:

    Not only one of the GREAT songs by one of the GREAT artists, but a BIG, IMPORTANT (as in life and death important) message about saving our planet. Many, many people are hip to this, I believe, and it’s one reason for the huge, worldwide (especially U.S.) fascist backlash by fossil fuel billionaires funding the right-leaning parties in every country. Resist, recycle, replenish the earth.

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