Laurie Buchanan authorI stumbled across this image today posted on FB by the author Laurie Buchanan. It made me realise how dilatory I have been recently, when it comes to reading and reviewing the work of self-published authors, many of whom are friends.

Reading and reviewing books by self-published authors is key to their success.

Reviews, good or bad, are important to authors, especially the first timers – whose ranks I hope to join soon. Family and friends might not be entirely honest with you about the quality of your writing, any plot holes, or your saggy middle. 😬

Reviews are also good for potential readers. They help them better understand what the book is about, and whether or not it is the rollicking good read they are hoping for.

I have a huge pile of recently purchased, unread books, which I will start reading tonight.  First up, the four books in the header image, written by fellow members of the Jersey Writers Social Group, Sarah Swan, Dreena Collins, Abigail Summer, and Colin Lever. So, what better place for me to start?  And links to all four titles, and more, can be found here.

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