I was recently invited to write some free poetry WE PAW Bloggers E-zine — Issue 74. The subject was, ‘things that inspire you, and’ my contribution, with its innovative title, ‘The Things That Inspire Me’, proved to be a liberating experience.  Poetry was my first love, but it has been several decades since I last wrote a poem, so I am more that a little rough around my poetry edges.

I decided to create a video to go with it. Unfortunately, my recorded voice sounds like someone whose been sitting at a bar all evening and is about to slide off their barstool, so  I downloaded the basic Speechelo package. It’s a handy piece of kit – you just type in your text, and the software spews out a recording of a disembodied voice speaking your words. A cool tool.

Since then, a kind friend has re-recorded the vocal for me, although she doesn’t want to be credited and this this is her version.  Brace yourself for the ending, though.  My sound editing techniques need more work!