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During The Past Week… I Went Slightly Insane

Fortunately, when you are blessed with a virtual hand-holding mentor, who knows when to back off for a while to let you to sort your demons out, confident in the knowledge she'll step back in again to sort out the problem, once you've find your feet again.

During the past week… I went slightly insane. 🤪 I could be forgiven for forgetting what day of the week it was, but forgetting which week it was, like I did, is bordering on insanity.

I tore myself away from acute editing mode, and rushed around town like a headless chicken, believing it was my bestie’s Big Birthday the following day. I even cancelled all appointments the morning after her Big Day, anticipating that I might be starting it with a headache.

I was completely blinkered. Blind to the fact that, during more lucid times, I would have known perfectly well that there was still another week to go before the celebrations began.

With approximately two weeks to go before I lose my first-time novelist virginity, I seemed to have lost the plot.

‘Whatever you want call it, it is well documented that to publish a book (and especially a first novel) tends to make a person go temporarily insane.’ Mark Andrew Ferguson. From The Anxiety of the First-Time Novelist.  How a Book is Like a Baby (and How It Isn’t).

Bordering on Nuts

Some might say, I am a little nuts at the best of times, it’s in my psyche.

  • I talk to all my animals
  • I drift off when I’m being spoken to
  • And, sometimes, like a skittish Springer Spaniel, I only respond to being called to heel, if feel like it.

Baby giraffe taking first steps

The first forty-eight chapters seemed to go swimmingly, in my humble virgin novelist opinion. Whee!  I thought, but when my virtual hand-holding mentor identified a few, relatively minor and easily rectified plot holes, I started having a wobble.

A wobble that led to panic, plummeting self-confidence and the inability to string a sentence together, as I seemed to have lost my grasp of the English language.

When you are blessed with a virtual hand-holding mentor, one who instinctively knows when to back off while you to sort out your scary writing demons, you can be confident in the knowledge she’ll be stepping back in again to get you over the next hurdle, once you’ve find your feet again.

While I am hyperventilating in my darkened boudoir with only a handful of days left to publication, I know my virtual hand-holding mentor, is still slaving away.  Ironing out all the creases that sent me slightly nuts over the course of last week.


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