Azalea Fern and the Last Ruin of the Extinct is Guaranteed to Blow Your Socks Off!

Becci Murray
Becci Murray – Children’s Author
When Becci Murray asked me to be a part of her forthcoming Bookstagram Tour for Azalea Fern and the Last Ruin of the Extinct, I was seriously excited.  When I realised the invitation included beta reading it as well, I felt honoured, as well as surprised;  it had been a very long time since I’d read a middle grade children’s book but, you know what?  I ended up binge-reading it as it blew my socks off!
Bookstagram Tour for Azalea Fern and the Last Ruin of the Extinct,

I loved everything about it. The characters, especially the gorgeous Azalea. I laughed like a drain in parts and cried like a baby in places where the storyline blurs into the reality of the world as it is today.  Becci’s beautiful descriptions of places and things instantly draw you in, and I tumbled, head first, into Azalea’s world but, for me, it is Becci’s wonderful sense of humour that shines through in all her books, which makes them such a delight.

I first got to know Becci toward the end of 2018, she was looking for some publishing advice. Ha! Ha! I was flattered but, although I wasn’t going to let on, I was floundering in the vast seas of publication dilemmas with my first novel, Just Say It. So I was very unsure what sound advice I could give Becci but I managed to redeem my lack of helpful knowledge by inviting her to do an author interview when Billy’s Brain Booster Juice first hit the shelves.

Since then, I have giggled my way through Don’t Wear Your Knickers on Your Head (and other very serious poems about really important stuff), amongst other titles that Becci has produced under the umbrella of Llama House Children’s Books.  So, in the end, it was Becci who gave me some very valuable publication advice.  She beta read Just Say It in May 2021, and I published it shortly afterwards.  


Victoria @bongtreebooks refers to Azalea Fern and the Last Ruin of the Extinct as ‘a corker of a book.’ Why didn’t I think of that? Because, that is exactly what it is.

I might be the oldest Azalea groupie on tour, but I am so looking forward to the 3rd August 2021 – my slot on the Azalea Book Tour #bookstagram #booktour to promote this brilliantly written middle grade children’s book.

Azalea Fern and the Last Ruin of the Extinct publishes on 1st August 2021, but it is available on Amazon for pre-order, so order yourself a copy now, oh, and,  #stayoutoftheruin… if you can

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