Six of the Best by Dreena Collins – Available on Amazon now!

She Had Met Liars Before by Dreena Collins, talk about six of the best! Now available Amazon, I bought my copy planning to savour each story, one at a time, at my leisure. Soaking up every word of what I knew would be beautifully crafted stories... Instead I ended up binge reading all of them, which left me thirsty for more.


It's been two years since I visited the country my heart chose as its second home. So, when's travel traffic lights status turned to green for go on 7th May 2021, I couldn't wait to book my flight. 72 hours before my flight, I was paying a not inconsiderable amount of money, after having my pre-travel COVID-19 test done... just about at the same time announced they were changing the Portuguese travel traffic lights back to amber from 8th June 2021 - I was due to fly on 5th.

THE DOTAGE DIARIES: Sleepless Nights

Sleepless nights.  We all have 'em, some more than others and I live with them on a nightly basis. My body clock has been out of whack for years and during those dark times staring at the ceiling a firework display of thoughts are going off in my head. Mostly random, with a firecracker of angst bouncing off the walls of my solar plexus.

Here is the Official Book Trailer for Just Say It!

Here is the official book trailer for my first novel Just Say It. I am excited and terrified in equal measures! I’d had a shot at writing a novel before, when I was in my thirties, but the time didn’t feel right. Although I had written short stories and miscellaneous features for magazines and newspapers... Continue Reading →

THINGS THAT INSPIRE ME: Writing Free Poetry – a Liberating Experience

I was recently invited to write some free poetry WE PAW Bloggers E-zine — Issue 74. The subject was, 'things that inspire you, and' my contribution, with its innovative title, 'The Things That Inspire Me', proved to be a liberating experience.  Poetry was my first love, but it has been several decades since I last wrote a poem,... Continue Reading →

PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE! The Scary Path to Self-Publishing

I had set my heart on being traditionally published and, during the first lockdown, I was presented with the best opportunity I would ever have to buff up my manuscript.  Over twelve months later, the competition from others vying to see their name in print is fiercer than it has ever been. In the current climate, agents will struggle to find the time to read all the MS's are receiving from the ever-growing numbers of wannabe authors.  2021 was the time to 'get myself out there.' I'm no spring chicken, so I need to get on with it. So why did I hang around when I've been sitting on a finished manuscript for such a long time? Well, however old you are, your self-confidence often needs buoying up, even if you believe you have a story worth telling, and there is no better person to do that than your editor.


I stumbled across this image today posted on FB by the author Laurie Buchanan. It made me realise how dilatory I have been recently, when it comes to reading and reviewing the work of self-published authors, many of whom are friends. Reading and reviewing books by self-published authors is key to their success. Reviews, good or bad, are... Continue Reading →

BEYOND THE COVID-19 CLOUD – Our Road to Our Recovery

This time last year I had started writing my COVID-19 DIARIES - Life Under the Cloud.  Now, after a surreal twelve months, we are beginning to see the light at the end of the COVID-19 cloud. A glimmer of hope; our yellow brick road to recovery. Exciting times ahead, but it will be a gradual process, and some things can never quite be the same again.

The Dotage Diaries: The Craft Club

So how come I can remember what my homework was when I was eleven, but can't remember which floor of the multi-story park I left my car an hour ago? Well, I am reliably informed that it is something to do with decreased blood flow to the brain.  I used to be able to stand on my head.  I wonder if I still can? It might be an idea to try to precipitate a rush of blood to my brains.

JUST SAY IT! OUT-TAKE – Lost in the Basque Country

‘What do you mean you’re not sure? What is it about men and asking for directions?  I’ll sort this out.’ Sliding the passenger door open, Lisa got out of the campervan and walked towards the smiling stranger.  He was wearing a check shirt, and a large beret at a kilter, which Lisa assumed was the Basque tradition. He staggered and almost fell, reaching out to grab hold of Lisa’s outstretched arms to steady himself.


Turning forty, Lisa still bears the scars of her dysfunctional childhood.  Her narcissist mother, Elizabeth, is responsible for her insecurities and Lisa needs to break the negative emotional hold Elizabeth has over her. Harnessing her journalistic skills, Lisa investigates her mother's past and is shocked by what she uncovers.

SHOCKING AND APPALLING: NHS staff deserve a much larger pay rise than 1%

Shocking and appalling!  The British Government think it is okay to palm NHS staff with a 1% pay rise! Please sign the petition to say you agree.   I cannot begin to imagine what NHS staff  have been through during the last 12 months. All the sacrifices they made in their own lives to save the... Continue Reading →

Morning Glow – The Inspirational Light of Dawn

Yesterday at dawn, I was woken by my cat purring in my ear.  There are worst ways of being woken up.  Throwing back the curtains, I was greeted by a spectacular sunrise bursting across the horizon and the inspirational light, together with the birdsong, quite took my breath away. A vast, glowing sphere of hot... Continue Reading →

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