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Last week, my GP told me I had high cholesterol.  For those of you who don’t know the implications of having high cholesterol, it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. It was the wake-up call I needed, because my GP told me the same thing in December 2019 and, now it’s higher than it was before. I need to find out what’s causing it.

Autoimmune Disease: What factors constitute being on the Severely Vulnerable List?

Suffering from Autoimmune Disease doesn’t automatically put you at the top of the COVID-19 severely vulnerable list. However, certain medications prescribed to autoimmune sufferers might.  None-the-less, receiving a letter this week, four months after Lockdown, telling me I was on the severely vulnerable list – I wasn’t before – came as a bit of a shock. I have a …

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Lacklustre July has gone off a bit like a Damp Squib

So far, July has been a bit of a damp squib. I was bordering on hyper during June.  Honing and buffing the stories that have taken me months and years to write, so I could meet the deadlines for various competitions. I also started submissions again, approaching any literary agents who mention the word humour, somewhere, anywhere, on their wishlist.  My excuse as to why not much blogging got done in June 2020.

Sclero-what? The Scourge of Scleroderma

In 2015, I found out I had scleroderma. I’d known for a while that I might have it but, after the official diagnosis, it turned out I had it for much longer than I initially thought. It is a strange and diverse disease that nobody seems to have heard of, and it manifests itself in …

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Going the Wrong Way

After seventeen years apart, Lisa realises she is still in love with Jack, but after he misinterprets a fond farewell between Lisa and Rory, he flounces off home to NYC.  This extract leads up to the agonising moment Jack realises he has got things horribly wrong.  FEBRUARY 2000 Jack was holding the neck of an empty miniature …

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🌻 Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination 🌻

I would like to thank fellow Word Press blogger Jessica Nielsen, wife, mother and indie author, for my nomination for the Sunshine Blogger Award. To find more about this supermom, with a penchant for dropping the odd F-bomb, head over there now! https://jnsupermoms.com The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to bloggers who inspire positiveness and …

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