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A New Dawn

For those of us already working from home, as well as those who are self-isolating, take heart. The fantastic weather we are having may be doing more than boosting our Vitamin D and taking our minds off the uncertainties for the future.


Sometimes during a rare night of deep sleep, I dream about some cracking plotlines and try to wake myself up to write them down. More often than not, when I do manage to wake myself up, I can’t remember them.

Calling Lithuania! 梗

Over the last week, this site has had many, many visitors from Lithuania. I am ashamed to say I had to look at the map to see where Lithuania was – I think I must have failed Geography O Level. Im not sure Ive ever had a […]

Away with the Fairies

I could log these brain farts I’ve been having as senior moments, but my oldest friends will tell you I’ve always been away with the fairies. So there is little hope for me now.

Perhaps,constantly sweating over creating new plotlines, means I am beginning to lose my own?

I think a break will do me good.

COW GIRL AT HEART – My Love for Bovine Beauties

It’s just dawned on me that cows feature in both Just Say It and The Secret Lives of the Doyenne of Didsbrook. I grew up on a dairy farm, so maybe that’s the reason? My main character in Just Say Itgrows up on a farm with a herd […]


PLEASE HELP AUSTRALIA! An estimated 1 billion animals have been lost in the fires as scientists warn that species of mammals, birds, insects, fungi and plants may have been wiped out before they were even discovered. Even animals that survive the fires are still at risk.

For Gemma Dupont – Please care, and share. Thank you.

Earlier this year, I met Gemma Dupont, who is a part of my Word Press blogging family, as well as a fellow aspiring author. Enthusiastic, bright and bubbly; her motto has always been caring is sharing.

Gemma very recently finished writing her memoir, Perpetual Helix, all bar one final, professional edit. She is so close, yet so far away from achieving her dream to see it in print.

This week, Gemma has received a truly devastating diagnosis. Stage 4 lung and brain cancer.

Gemma urgently needs an editor who would be willing to get the manuscriptto the stage where Gemma can, at least, self-publish,as a legacy for her partner and her children.

Losing the Plot? Dare to Dream

As the cogs start to turn and 2019 rolls into 2020, changes are afoot here at Lost Blogs. It will be a new chapter in the life of this pantser-styleblog, as its creator evolves into the Plotter she always knew she should be.

Fisticuffs at Fanny’s

It is the 8th of October 1980, and it’s Lisa Grant’s twenty-first birthday. She has recently been reunited with her father, Will, who lays on a party for her at her favourite restaurant in Soho, Fanny’s Bistro. The tables are hastily rearranged to accommodate two uninvited guests, […]



More recently I dream my worldly goods are on the back of a hand-drawncart. I keep putting my dog and three cats on the back of the cart. They keep jumping off and I repeatedly put them back, but eventually, they run away and I can’t find them. My wallet is something else I regularly lose in my dreams and I end up roaming the streets with nothing more than the clothes I am wearing. Brexitangst?

Friday the 13th and the Nightmare Continues

Friday the 13th is known for being an unluckyday in the Western world and the American horror franchise,Friday 13th, is also well-entrenched in our minds. I woke up this morning to the reality of Friday 13th with the music from the shower scene of the 1960’s horror, Psycho, […]

REMAINER RANT – Together we are Stronger

The mighty M and S Bank Arena in Liverpool was built at a cost of 瞿164 Million. Would you believe that 瞿50 Million of the funding came from the EU?This is just ONE example of ONE city in the United Kingdom that has benefitted from EU funding.

So, please remind me again… why are we leaving?


I am in boho mode. When I wake up in the morning the first thing I see are a pair of brown legs. As I drowsily come too, I realise they are attached to me. I am in a small corner of the EU that I know and […]

Switching Off

Time flies when you’re enjoying yourself, so it’s hard to believe that, by the end of today, it will be a week since we arrived and kicked off our shoes After a week’s worth of downtime, I’ve eased myself into relaxation mode and it’s a very comfortable place […]

Congratulations, You have a Boy…

Yesterday was a day for making new friends and saving a life. After a lazy morning getting my teeth into Ruby Wax’s words of wisdom we headed out for a, very, late lunch and found a note sellotaped to our hire car. We stopped, listened and the voice […]

GOW on the Move – Sallying Forth: Day 1

I’ve done a fair amount of travelling in my time, although a fair amount is never enough when it comes to travel. I’ve experienced long and short-haul delays. I’ve been grounded when aircraft have gone techie. I’ve been subjected to impossible fellow travellers and have taken it all […]


My ‘reading list’ is a stacked-up, teetering tower of books crying out to be read. Not forgetting what’s on my Kindle, which includesThe Blue Hour a collection of short stories by fellow writers group member, Dreena Collins and The Poppy Field by another Jersey author, Deborah Carr. And, there are those ‘Dulcie Domum’ books by Sue Limb I really want to re-read… so, will two weeks be long enough? I will give it my best shot.

The Legend that is Albert Lee

The truth is that I knew very little about Albert Lee, but his gig at the Jersey Opera House last week was a part of his ongoing and gruellingtour in what is his 76th year, which speaks volumes. Just looking at the dates and the venues spread around the world makes me feel tired.

LIKE A PHOENIX… she will rise again…

I went to sleep last night with images of a burning 12th Century icon in my head. This morning my first waking thoughts were of Notre Dame de Paris, an iconic building that had stood for hundreds of years as a majestic and indestructible feature of the Paris […]

Tired but Wired: 4 days at the FT Weekend Oxford Literary Festival

What a few days it has been for me in the city of dreaming spires. I dont like to brag, but I soaked up the words of wisdom of writer and broadcaster, Melvyn Bragg, who is best known as editor and presenterof ITVs South Bank Show. Hewas talking […]