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Looking at life from the funny side

City of Dreaming Spires

For the last three mornings, I have thrown back the curtains to look out across a valley of rolling hills, vineyards and circling kites. In the stillness of the early Oxfordshire morning, graceful kites soar within feet of my bedroom window. So close I feel I could reach […]

You’re All In Your DNA

I was lucky enough to have known my birth parents, but on and off over the years, I have tried to build my family tree, but there is one branch that consistently fails to bear fruit.

The Art of Drifting Off

Over the years I have mastered the art of drifting off, which has inevitably led to me becoming a master of non sequitur.

Alison Moyet – Divine Intervention

Alison Moyet is still a force to be reckoned with. Her drive and passion about her music resulted in a powerful performance in Jersey last night which got fans to their feet and feeling the ages they were in 1984 when a solo Moyet divinely intervened in their music sphere.

VALENTINES DAY OUTTAKE – Allergic to Marriage

He averted her gaze, sucking air in through his teeth. One of his many irritating habits and something he always did when he knew he was in the wrong. He sighed deeply before turning to look at her again, a weak smile rippling across his face as his eyelashes fluttered.

Disney Does It Again. She’s Back!

Back in 1964, we all wanted to be Jane or Michael Banks. They were sharing their world with the perfectly perfectJulie Andrews as the immortal Mary Poppins who, just byclicking her fingers, was making their lives supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

PAUL WALKER – The Man Behind the Lens

Lost Blogs is delighted to introduce photographer, Paul Walker, who has been exhibiting and publishing photographs since 2013. Paul has recently published a book of his photographs taken between 2013 and 2018, called A Picture Paints a Thousand Words. Which is a collaboration between a photographer and a group of international writers.

Encore JADC – A Trio of One-Act Plays

The JADC have been back in action this week in The Studio at Jersey’s Opera House. This time without a full-blown orchestra and without a full ensemble. Just a few props, in an intimate setting and some of the stalwartsof the club acting alongside some of its newer members.

Fireside Tales

A crackling log fire reminds me of many things. Loved-up evenings on the sofa in front of a crackling fire binge watchingbox sets and eating a ridiculous amount of chocolate, without realising it. My childhood, growing up in an age before Social Media, playing cards in front of the fire during long winter evenings; my big brother and parents always let me win. As someone who functions much better during the summer months, a burning fire makes the winter bearable, it is the pumping heart of a home.

Home is Where the Heart is

I’m biased when it comes to The Algarve. It is my personal, European haven, the place I would like to spend more time. It’s not just a passing phase, I’ve been in love with the place for twenty-six years… and who can blame me? I have waxed lyrical about it since I was blown away on my first visit.

Morning Muse – Soggy Sunday

About as lyrical as I can wax on this soggy Sunday is… wet and grey. Unlike Freaky Friday, whenthe pink and orange hues of the sunrise, spread hopefulness and inspiration over a darkened world.

Weekly Synopsis

Tuesday. Woke up feeling determined. Spent most of the day editing the hell out of the first three chapters, before going back to the ultimate self-torture… the ****ing synopsis.

Unforgotten – Season 3 Finale

A fine performance byAlex Jenningsas evil Tim Finch, who had me quaking in my pyjamas with that stare. Overall, a great cast which including some of my favourite actors who made a great piece of TV drama really come alive, as in Seasons 1 and 2.

Thursday’s Thought for the Day


The Two Minute Grab Zone

I was reading Lorenzo Carcaterra’s Sleepers and I couldn’t put it down,taking it into the Indian Ocean and reading it floating on my back, standing up and sitting in the warm, briny sea, until I finished it. More recently,Adam Kay’s This is Going to Hurt – The Diaries of a Junior Doctor, had the same effect, only I read most of it on a sun lounger.

Mama Mia! Here I go again

In 2008 I fell in love with everything about Mama Mia! The Movie, thejukebox musical romantic comedy based on the 1999 musical. The screenplay was written by British playwright,Catherine Johnsonand featured an eye-watering cast list ofsupremely talented actors to play the wonderfully identifiable characters. All wrapped up in […]

1976 – The Year of the UK Heatwave

Despite the UK’s current political shenanigans, us Brits are happy. Cliff Richard didn’t need to sing in the rain to entertain soggy tennis fans during the Wimbledon fortnight, as they enjoyed glorious weather throughout. Our political climate maybe unstable but meteorologically our weather is as stable as it […]

Keeping British Sporting Hopes Alive on the Tennis Court

British sporting supporters may feel a little flat this morning, with the young British footie team due to return home from Russia, disappointed, after their 2-1 defeat to Croatia last night. They may not be bringing football home in the shape of the World Cup, but they can […]


I will be flitting from BBC 1 to BBC 2, waving my metaphorical Union Jack with a Pimms in one hand and a six-pack in the other.

The Glasgow Experience – Instant Affinity

Outside the station and into the sunshine, where the start of my love affair with this vibrant cultural hub begins.

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