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Looking at life from the funny side


Even Cassie the Blog Dog was feeling the pace after yesterday’s sherpa experience.

Sleep to Dream

So what triggered my subconscious to weave teleportation into my dream?

Performance Saboteurs

Life is not all about winning, it is how you handle yourself when somebody deliberately snatches away your moment in time.

Keeping Faith for a Season Two

Matthew Hall you’ve got to keep this going. I need Evan (Ev-ahn) to go under the cosh.

Happy Easter – Whatever the Weather

As we all settle down for the Easter break, I suspect we will have one eye on the weather. It’s 7C here in Jersey, Channel Islands and hailing right now. I may be dreaming of spending time on the beach, but… if the BBC have got it right… […]

Stephen Hawking: Rare Genius


Monday’s Muse: Michael Jackson

She’s Out of My Life, written by Tom Bahler,has reduced me to emotional pulp a thousand times, there is such a purity and passion in his voice, especially when heperformed it live.

Dr. Perry can help …

Dr. Perry @MakeItUltra deserves a big thank you for creating this opportunity Promote Your Blog in 2018 I’m always saying that the Blogosphere can be a very lonely place at times. There are too many silent black holes out there to disappear into.

Stunning Welsh TV Drama – Keeping Faith

Lovely the woods, waters, meadows, combes, vales, Gerard Manley Hopkins My step-father’s family came from Wales and were living in bucolic Anglesey when he was born. I have always been drawn to the country, spending many holidays enjoying the breathtaking beaches of the Pembrokeshire coast, as well as […]

How will you #PressforProgress? #IWD2018 March 8

The Mozaics Experience

There was a time when I thought knew the Jersey music scene pretty well. Now older and wider around the middle, I rarely venture out at night, especially when it is 0 degrees outside. But, Jersey has never been short of talented musicians. Waking up to a Siberian […]


I saw Liverpool-born Rebecca Ferguson perform tonight at the JerseyOpera House. I booked the best seats in the house months ago because I’ve been a big fan since I first saw Rebecca flourish as a performer on the X-Factor stage in 2010when she was runner-up to Matt Cardle. […]

Lisa’s La La Land

We had spent other significant birthdays together, but I just didn’t want to celebrate being a bloody quadragenarian.

Celebrating Four Years Blogging with WordPress

  “Blogs are whatever we make them. Defining Blog is a fools errand.” Michael Conniff Mmm … I think you are stuck with me WordPress because I’m not sure what I would do without you now! Thanks for having me aboard.  

300 WORD SYNOPSIS: Getting it Right … without losing the plot …

I’ve been at it for 5 hours … today that is. I’ve lost count of the total amount of hours I’ve already spent trying to achieve a 300-word killer synopsis and feel like I could be losing the plot. Anyway … back to the drawing board … for […]


Going down … do cyclists have some sort of extrasensory perception when flying around blind bends?

TRAVEL UNDAUNTED: Puerto de Mog獺n, Gran Canaria

We are off tomorrow and I have been looking at the weather forecast in Puerto de Mog獺n on a daily basis for quite some time, willing the temperature to rise.

Beware of what Lurks in the Sand

You never know what’s lurking intropical sand.

The Straw that broke the Camel’s Back

I smell Botox in the wind of 12 camels

TRAVEL UNDAUNTED: Rambling around The Lakes

A local hostelry at the end of each hike is very appealing, along with the views

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