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Looking at life from the funny side


I am very pleased to say that there was one heart-warming headline caught my eye.

Wishing you and the ones you love a very Happy Christmas

Life is short, enjoy Christmas with the ones you love the most.



Wishing you peace and love this Christmas and everything you are hoping for in 2018. xx   MUSIC CREDIT: MARY JENNINGS – ONE BRICK

Goggle Eyed

My work-in-progress (now so close to the end) v Me. When you write a book, you spend day after day scanning and identifying the trees. When youre done, you have to step back and look at the forest. Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft […]

My Robot and I

As fondof my disembodied voice-activated personal assistant, as I am, the thought of her morphing into human form absolutely terrifies me.

Wrap your ears around the Iron Boot Scrapers!

Great, marvelous, brilliant! KT Tunstall From Brighton (UK) to brighten your Monday (wherever in the world you happen to be) Ladies and Gentlemen … it gives me very great pleasure to introduce you to fantabulous, foot stomping, toe tapping, steam punkiness at it’s very best …guaranteed to […]

Happy Halloween – Welcome to a Writer’s Nightmare

One More Success for TimpanAli

The enthusiasm on stage was fuelled by the energy surging out from the orchestra pit below … I thought the London Philharmonic Orchestrawas down there and there wereonly 11 of them.

Les Mis Parody

So I hedged a bit before posting a parody of Le Mis, believing that nobody has the right to take the micheal out of such a beautiful contribution to the musical theatre … but it really made me smile so I couldn’t help myself.

A Day in the Life of a Random Blogger

A Urinal Too Far

Remember ladies, don’t forget to pack your SheWeefor the ultimate Amsterdam experience … Ja!

Armageddon Skies

Our skies took on an Armageddon hue for a while yesterday, but thankfully, we are all still here this morning.

So … you think you’ve got a handle on writing humour?

Humour is so subjective. What tickles my funny bone, may not float your boat. Slapstick, Deadpan, Self-Deprecating, Topical, Satire, Black or Surreal? There are many sidesplitting sinkholes for me and my rom-com to disappear into.

The Ever Changing Sky

To all those lovely people who have enjoyed and liked our posts over the last week, especially those who have followed us, not just at WordPress but on Twitter @TessaBarrie and on Facebook@LostBlogs. THANK YOU! This is for you all … with love

RANDOM EXCERPTS – A Case of Misplaced Affection – 1994

He got up, went over to the door and locked it. He wanted peace. No interruptions from the outside world when he read the letter from his one true love.

Cut the Clich矇s!

My long-suffering, resident critique(r)- in-chief read the 1000th rewrite of my synopsis yesterday, which came back with more highlighted sections that my last 999 efforts.

Manners maketh a Security Man

Never mess with a depressed GOW who is leaving glorious sun-soaked weather for the rain-soaked UK. The three of us were going through security at Faro Airport this morning and it was not exceptionally busy by their standards, so it was a surprise when a young jobs-worth security […]

Soaking up the Summer

I’ve always been a summer person and between the months of May and August, there is nowhere else I would rather be than on the beach. For as long as I can remember the sea has been like amagnet to me. Something to do with my maternal Greek […]

Time of My Life

I can’t believe that the iconic movie, Dirty Dancing was released on 12th May 1987. I was a mere baby at the time passionately in love with Patrick Swayze and consequently very jealous of Francis ‘Baby’ Housman AKA Jennifer Gray. So … it has been thirty years […]

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