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Vitamins Sea and D

Finally getting the right dosage…

Day One of the Recuperation Process

Having survived my 12.5 hour trip from Jersey to Faro, with Mr Mucus clasped tightly to my chest, I started sweating him out in the glorious Algarvean sunshine the following morning. I didn’t last very long in the heat and spent the afternoon in bed. I balked at […]

Unfit for Travel

12 months ago, I started counting the days until I returned to the one place in the world that I would happily call my home. The place where, for so many years, I havedithered about permanently leaving the UK for, The Algarve. It may well happen. I spent […]

Writing for Your Life

I’ve been pussyfooting around this passion of mine for too long and now I feel like I am writing for my life.

The Lost Blogs Video Collection

As our Lost Blogs video collection starts to grow, we have created a page for them. If you haven’t seen any of our videos yet, view the short snippet below which gives you a clue as to what they might be about … but, always expect the unexpected. […]

What a Relief! Two Sound Tips when Camping in a Crowd

I will never know how I have got to my ripe old age without knowing about Security Briefs. that keep all your valuables safe in your knickers and a SheWee, so you can wiz like a bloke.


Happy Wednesday. I’m getting excited about going on my annual holiday next week and took an hour or so today to reflect on what a huge impact travelling has had on my life and this short vid is the outcome. I have no regrets about spending my hard […]

Command Performance Dreaming

The atmosphere is intense. I am feeling a little nervousnow. It is almost time to deliver my important one liner to Maggie and I lean, a little too heavily, on a piece of the scenery which brings the whole set crashing down around the revered actors.

The Blogging Brother and Sisterhood

I have persevered because of supportive comments from fellow bloggers. The Blogging Brother and Sisterhood who know the how cold it is out there in boundless cyberspace.

Men Behaving Appallingly

Us women still put up with boring sexist crap in the work place, the banter and the inappropriate touching but, when it is headline news and being doled out by the head honchos, it is really is very worrying.

RANDOM EXCERPTS – Never Let Go – 1994

Excerpts from various unfinished, finished, published and unpublished pieces of fiction. NEVER LET GO – 1994 Memories are indisputably complex. Uncanny recollections that arouse ingrained emotions from another time. You either love them or you hate them. Some are remembered with infinite ease, other’s need a jolt, a […]

Designer Vaginas

But … reporting that girls as young as 9 are asking the NHS to perform labiaplasty surgery has … just about … left me speechless. Bought up on a farm in rural Gloucestershire, I had noidea what a vagina was at 9.I think my mother probably referred to it as something else :), but there were far more interesting things for me to be doing at 9 than peering at my vagina. I wasn’t a contortionist anyway and I haven’t a hope in hell of getting down there now, but having my labia tweaked has never entered my mind at any stage of my life.

What a Twat

My mother always told me never trust a man wearing a Liquorice Allsorts shirt … I can’t believe that I was too tired to tune in to Question Time last night and missed all the drama. Question Time heckler and boorish twat, Steve German, who loves the sound […]

Artists for Grenfell


Gloomsbury – Popping my Audible Cherry

There is no question that I have over politicked myself over the last few weeks and have an overwhelming desire to get back to some sort of normality. And where best to rest my sore, square TV eyes than to launch myself the auditory delights of Audible. […]

Political Mudslinging and Backbiting is never going to make Britain Great

Today is the UK’s General Election Day.   Tucked away in Jersey, Channel Islands, I still consider myself 100% British, despite my true blue British blood having been diluted with a little of my feisty Greek grandmother’s.   Although born in Yorkshire, I don’t get to vote in […]

Randy Rainbow …. a little ray of sunshine in my life ….

Have you had your daily dose of Randy Rainbow? Randy is a comedian, actor, writer, host and Internet sensation best known for his viral comedy videos … like this one … and, although I don’t want to go all covfefe on you again quite so soon … I just couldn’t resist it.

A Night to Remember … Ariana Grande does Manchester proud

50,000 people attended the One Love Manchester benefit concert tonight at Old Trafford. Organised by 23-year-old Ariana Grandeto raise funds for those affected by the bombing inside Manchester Arenaon 22nd May 2017, which killed 22 people and injured more than 100 others. Those who died will never be […]


Any person who wants to indulge in violence is no longer a genuine Buddhist or genuine Muslim, because it is a Muslim teaching that once you are involved in bloodshed, actually you are no longer a genuine practitioner of Islam.

Dalai Lama – September 2016

Beyond Belief: Trump’s Apparent Total Misunderstanding of Climate Change

How can anybody turn their back on Climate Change? It is happening. You cannot escape from it. You cannot ignore it. It is not about making the best business deal, it is about making plans for the long term preservation of our planet and every single one of us have a part to play. Nobody should be exempt. For someone who boasts about making his country great again, President Trump’s extraordinary decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement is beyond belief.

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