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Grumpy old woman rants by Tessa Barrie

Remember Seasoned Professionals … Sarcasm is the lowest form of Wit

Well, it is not very professional is it?  Why on earth would you feel compelled to have a pop at someone who has clearly stolen the hearts of millions of people since they switched on the brilliant TV programme Gogglebox? What ever happened to the old age adage of if you can’t say […]

Horses for courses – Enough is Enough!

Like many other people, I found his comment shocking. Cold. It was not something I would expect to come out of a horse lover’s mouth. But racing is his life and you need to be tough, but if you simply replace a horse having just literally run him into the ground, then that to me is just barbaric.

Take Your Litter Home!!


Donald Trump for President? You can’t be serious!

As a general rule, I avoid the following topics like the plague … Politics            Religion                  Sex Why? Out of practice? Out of my depth? Out of my comfort zone? All three? I am neither a Political Analyst, a regular Church goer or E.L. James, so therefore totally unqualified to comment on any of these […]

Sleeping on the job …

Now I have heard it all!  A Manchester HR Company have installed a double bed so that their employees can take the occasional cat nap when they are feeling a little weary. Didums! I just don’t know how on earth have the rest of us survived at work […]

When to retire paradox

Society tells you that when you’re old you have to retire.  You have to defy that. Yoko Ono   When I was 49 I had nightmares about being 50. My dreams were so confused that, leading up my 5th decade, I used to wake up screaming that I didn’t […]

GOW RANT – Why are some job applications not acknowledged? There is no excuse!

Have you ever applied for a job and not received a reply? Especially after you have invested considerable time and trouble writing your letter of application, knowing that your expertise dovetails so precisely with the experience and skills laid out in the job description. You wait expectantly for a response and it never comes.  […]

GOW RANT – Litterbugs

Why, oh why do some people feel the need to park their cars and dump their litter at the edge of a field or even worse on a beach.  Why do they do it?  Because they are too lazy to find a bin?  It would appear so, but why can’t they […]

Briton gored by bulls in Pamplona 07/07/2015

Two other people were injured (and the number is rising) as well at the start of Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls Festival. Just how many more people are going to be badly injured or, even worse, killed during this abhorrent excuse for a sport? I know it is tradition, […]

Gored in the Gonads in Madrid

We blogged about a Young American gored by a bull in Salamanca during a Bull Run in February 2015.  You would be forgiven for thinking that the Salamanca blog was one of my GOW Rants and you would be right.  I find Bull Fighting and Bull Running completely abhorrent, but who am I […]

Exposé! Men Demeaning Women – Enough is Enough!

And so it goes on … our post of 16/05/2015 zoomed in on Toronto’s Teeny Weenie Hecklers making sexually demeaning comments to  Toronto’s City News Reporter, Shauna Hunt, on live TV. Shauna, I am glad to say gave the little squits every bit as good as she got.  Please see one of the offending dicky, dicky, dumb, dumbs […]

GOW RANT – Particularly Grumpy Today

I get back from work grumpy and I read the news which makes me grumpier. People can be so unnecessarily unkind and sometimes frankly they should keep their thoughts to themselves.  Apparently some Internet Trolls who clearly have nothing better to do with their time, suggested that Pink was putting […]

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