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Tessa Barrie takes a light-hearted look at getting older

Exposé! Men Demeaning Women – Enough is Enough!

And so it goes on … our post of 16/05/2015 zoomed in on Toronto’s Teeny Weenie Hecklers making sexually demeaning comments to  Toronto’s City News Reporter, Shauna Hunt, on live TV. Shauna, I am glad to say gave the little squits every bit as good as she got.  Please see one of the offending dicky, dicky, dumb, dumbs […]

QOTD – This is so true

GOW RANT – Particularly Grumpy Today

I get back from work grumpy and I read the news which makes me grumpier. People can be so unnecessarily unkind and sometimes frankly they should keep their thoughts to themselves.  Apparently some Internet Trolls who clearly have nothing better to do with their time, suggested that Pink was putting […]

Am I Losing My Mind? Nah! It’s Just My Age …

I have been a bit worried about myself recently. I have been forgetting stuff. Rushing back to the car park and not having the first idea which floor I left mine on. I am constantly having to look things up that I have been able to reel off […]


Sizes seem to be smaller these days. Have you not noticed? I have gone down a dress size recently, but my old swimwear is still as snug. One out of 100 women, on the beach I have just been sitting on don’t bother with the top half and […]

GROUCHY BLOGS – Relaxing on the Beach

How difficult can it be? I am a self confessed beach bum. I love the beach with a passion. So why can’t I get comfortable? I can’t seem to mould myself into low slung beach chairs any more. I am too mean to buy two sun loungers for […]


I don’t suppose that listening to music through earphones is helping the inevitable. I am going deaf, let’s face facts. At 14 I was playing music LOUD! I have carried on throughout my life, live and loud. Either torturing the neighbours with my own compositions or going to […]

GROUCHY BLOGS – Noise Intolerance

I know as I get older that my tolerance to noise had dwindled. Sitting by a swimming pool is a good example. I think parents are oblivious to the noise that their own children make but, in most cases, they are listening to music, loud, on their iPhones, […]

Switching Off

Am away for a couple of weeks and finding it difficult to switch off. I always have done. Not sure why. I am on holiday and home from home. Heart pounding, mind racing. I admire people who just flick a mental switch and go from 9-5 to mañana […]

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