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Travel.  When we used to go places.

Beware of what Lurks in the Sand

You never know what’s lurking in tropical sand.

TRAVEL UNDAUNTED: Rambling around The Lakes

A local hostelry at the end of each hike is very appealing, along with the views

The Canterbury Blogs

I will visit the mighty cathedral, take a boat trip up the river and go to The Marlowe Theatre.  For I have lost my heart to Canterbury.

Blogger’s Progress After Dark

Time and Tide wait for no man Geoffrey Chaucer It was a remarkably swift pilgrimage from Gatwick to Canterbury and we arrived after dark in this historical city, checking in to the very comfortable Canterbury Lodge on London Road.   Heading for the city center in the drizzle, we quickly […]

TRAVEL UNDAUNTED: Flying Mini-Break with Bug on Board

In a couple of hours, I will be flying from Jersey to Gatwick and onward to the ancient city of Canterbury, Kent, UK

A Urinal Too Far

Remember ladies, don’t forget to pack your SheWee for the ultimate Amsterdam experience … Ja!

Manners maketh a Security Man

Never mess with a depressed GOW who is leaving glorious sun-soaked weather for the rain-soaked UK. The three of us were going through security at Faro Airport this morning and it was not exceptionally busy by their standards, so it was a surprise when a young jobs-worth security […]


Happy Wednesday.  I’m getting excited about going on my annual holiday next week and took an hour or so today to reflect on what a huge impact travelling has had on my life and this short vid is the outcome.  I have no regrets about spending my hard […]

Discover Jersey, UK

I am proud to call Jersey my home and here is just a taster …

Mixed Emotions

Harrogate is where my roots are.  It’s the place of my birth and Betty’s Tea Rooms, where punters queue around the corner to get a table.  A place for me that fuels mixed emotions.  I feel warm and secure when I am there, yet I don’t go back as often […]

Good Morning Grenada!

Our very warmest greetings to our Grenadian readers from soggy old Blighty!  It warms the veritable cockles of my heart to see that our Grenadian friends have been dropping by our blogosphere.  Over the last couple of days, our Grenadian readership has quadrupled! I cannot believe it is nearly […]

Bad Blogger

I have just got back from holiday.  I can generally manage at least a couple of blogs, in between eating, sleeping, sunbathing, intermittent reading and a lot of writing (other stuff).  Unfortunately, our Internet connection was such that I couldn’t upload. A bad blogger I may be but a fully functioning […]

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