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Early Morning Story

I always tend to write in the mornings, as soon as my brain wakes up. Any writing I get done after lunch time is a bonus.

Novel Organisation… The Second Time Around

I intend to be more organised than I was the first time around.  This time I will plan my new novel before I write a single word.

When your Software Crashes

So reliant I have become on Word to record my every word, I have now programmed myself to restart and try to recapture that inspiration.

Less is More

God forbid that I would want to bludgeon the reader with anything but I have taken these words of wisdom on board as I sift through the manuscript again.

Life, from a Different Perspective

12 days, three different parts of the UK and I absorbed the sensory delights of all three.  

And… breathe…

I never normally turn to acts of violence to vent my feelings.

First Draft Feeling

I have just run off the first, complete, draft of my first work of fiction.

Character Building

There is nothing more complex and fascinating than a Homo Sapien.

The Learning Curve(s) of a Virgin Novelist​

Very recently, I had to step away from it, again, for a number of weeks.   I had more than just a wobble, it was a total confidence meltdown.

Millennium Mind (RE)set

Bumping into her soul mate for life, to find out that her ovaries were not shivvelled prunes after all.  

The Editing Process and the Fear of Falling at the Final Hurdle

To be an editor you need to be disciplined, a skill I am having to knuckle down and cultivate.

A Writer’s Best Friend

With slight trepidation, I honed a couple of what I believe to be my better creative attempts and have entered them into the 2018 Bridport Prize. The Bridport’s Short Story and Flash Fiction judge this year is Monica Ali, who has hit on this sound advice. “I don’t know […]

Stepping out of your Comfort Zone

For the first time in a very long time, I ditched humourous veil I that tend to hide behind and I allowed my imagination wander around in the murky world of crime.

The Black Holes of Blogging

I blog from the heart and where the world takes me, including the black holes because I need that blogging fix.

The Pain of Editing: Manic Monday

I’m torn between wanting to finish the edit a.s.a.p. and coming up for up air to give myself a break.

The Editing Process

Up with the lark and fuelled with the belief that the early editor catches the idioms, the cliches, and the typos.


Two weeks off over Christmas and I’ve finished re-writing the book, with the sagely wisdom and worldly-wise take of forty-year-old.


What is wrong with them me?  I cannot tell you how many times in 95,000 words my characters’ hearts have skipped beats.   There is no mention of anybody suffering from premature ventricular contractions in any of my Character Profiles and it’s too late to add a Cardio-Vascular […]

300 WORD SYNOPSIS: Getting it Right … without losing the plot …

I’ve been at it for 5 hours … today that is.  I’ve lost count of the total amount of hours I’ve already spent trying to achieve a 300-word killer synopsis and feel like I could be losing the plot. Anyway … back to the drawing board … for […]

Sorting out the Muddle in the Middle

… it’s back to sorting out my muddle in the middle.

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