Writing Fiction

Writing fiction.  Trying to write a damn good story.

WHERE TO BEGIN: Finding the Right Place to Start

Whilst pondering over the various places I could set my pressure sensitive starting blocks to ensure potential readers are off to a flying start when I introduce my MC,  I wish I had read Anne R. Allen’s post 10 Things Your Opening Chapter Should Do: A Check-List for Self-Editing, before finding out my story was starting in the wrong place!

The Lightbulb Moment

Suddenly, she had a light bulb moment and she hadn’t had one of those for years. Perhaps she should write a novel? Yes. What an excellent idea! There had certainly been enough going on throughout her life that could be drafted into a page turner. She rubbed her hands together. The thought far from phased her it excited her. Why on earth hadn’t she thought of that before? The one thing she knew she could do was write.

Creative Words Matter: Writers Weekend Workshop Jersey 2016

As it says in the blurb … wake up the writer in you and after a weekend in the company of Adrienne Dines and Barbara Large of Creative Words Matter held at Jersey’s Arts Centre this weekend, this aspiring writer has been awake all night. We are so incredibly lucky on our small island of Jersey …

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