The Doyenne of Didsbrook is my current-work-in-progress.

I took all the characters from one of my short stories, An Honest Review, about a writers group somewhere in the Home Counties and decided to write a novel around them.  I am having so much fun with what has now morphed into a murder mystery spoof.

The tranquillity of the sleepy market town of Didsbrook is disturbed when the much-loved author, Jocelyn Robertshaw, is found dead.

Jocelyn Robertshaw inherited a fortune after the death of both her parents when she was seventeen. She pursued an acting career after university before marrying the dashing SAS officer, Peter Robertshaw. After raising their two children, she began a second successful career as a novelist, as well as doing many good deeds for Didsbrook, the town that she loves.

Extract from An Honest Review

The Pinstriped Detective, the bumbling DCI Humphrey Middleton, is assigned to the case. Convinced foul play was involved, he starts corralling possible murder suspects, but his investigations are leading him up several blind allies and one particular garden path.

Cue Lucy Fothergill, Didsbrook’s homegrown budding novelist who returns home after three years at university. Jocelyn mentored her for the last six years and she is devastated to hear of her death. It doesn’t take her long to work out that something surprisingly sinister has been going on in the town she grew up in, involving people she has known all her life.

But how did Jocelyn die? Whodunnit? All will be revealed in a timely manner, but in the meantime, you can find a few teasers here…


He is writing about his father’s seat of his pants missions in WW2.  If only Tom had kept his on in 1972.

Members of DADS (The Didsbrook Amateur Dramatic Society) and DAWG (The Didsbrook Authors and Writers Group), institutions founded by Jocelyn.  Some of the members have been up to no good, including the handsome DAWG, Tom Shuttleworth, but, they all have one thing in common… they all love(d) Jocelyn.

So how did Jocelyn die?  Whodunnit?

Here are a few teasers…

Teenage Aspirations – Lucy’s audition for DADS

Homecoming – Lucy returns home to Didsbrook after three years at University

Candour – One year later