NYC – Back to the Future

It has been quite a day! I am eating a coconut and orange biscuit at 30000 feet – delish – whilst waiting for my second mini bottle of Chardonnay to arrive and flying back in time, courtesy of American Airlines. We seem to have been going backwards all day, one way or another.

We left home in Jersey, C.I. at 08.15hrs and were half way to the airport when we realised that one mobile phone was still at home. So we went back for it. Calm. This is is the start of the holiday. Thank goodness we checked in on line. Having dropped our bags with BA, we head for security only to find that, because the ink in our printer was running low, our boarding passes wouldn’t scan. So, we have to go back to the B. A. check in desk to ask them to print them out for us.

We arrive at Gatwick and after we waited for what seemed like hours for our bags, the car is there to meet us for the transfer to Heathrow. We haven’t been able to fly direct to Heathrow from Jersey for years. Things are going smoother now as we clamber into an enormous Citroen which is built like a tank, but it is Easter Monday and the motorway is heaving. Our Rumanian driver, has told us his life story as the traffic builds up and he decides to leave the motorway for a more scenic drive through the countryside and after about 20 minutes we find ourselves stationary in a line of traffic in rural Surrey and I start twitching and looking at my watch. As our driver fiddles with his Tom Tom for the umpteenth time, I begin to dose off and am brought back to reality with a bang and the sensation of being hit in the back of the neck with a cricket bat.

A very young girl has ploughed into the back of us in her elderly Rover Metro. Having established his passengers where merely shaken, our driver gets out to assess the situation and comes back to say that the Rover Metro is broken, but his tank of a Citroen only has a graze on the back bumper, so we can continue! Then he climbs back into the car and starts reversing. It seems to be the day for retracing our steps and we have a flight to catch! We back into a driveway so our driver can exchange details with the distressed teenager.

Once on our way again, we hear how our driver saw the accident happening in his rear view mirror, but was powerless to do anything about it. Then he realises 15 minutes down the road that he has missed his turning, so we have to retrace our steps. What is it about today? Anyway, we eventually arrive at Heathrow just in time to drop our bags again and climb aboard our American Airlines 777 – which is actually billed as a BA flight – as we are booked throughout with BA.

So here we are, with minor whiplash, the pain of which is numbed a little as we have just taken our anti-thrombosis Asprin, which we should have taken before we got on board and of course the Chardonnay. So all is well at 30000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean. Us self-confessed beach bums are flying back in time to one of the hottest places on the planet. The only difference is that,this time, the temperature in our chosen hot spot is only 4 degrees. New York City here we come! Bring it on!


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