NYC – Day Four

Headed to Ellen’s Stardust Diner for breakfast. Ellen’s is where the staff are waiting for their big break on Broadway and, between serving you pancakes, they sing to you! Most of these wannabes have voices that are Broadway-ready. Break a leg guys! This is a really fun place to be. (There are some videos on the website you can have some fun with)

I would have liked to have spent more time at Ellen’s but we were off on our TV and Film coach tour with On Location Tours which we picked up outside Ellen’s. Three hours worth of sitting, rather than walking. Bliss. During the three hours, your guide, also an out of work actor, sorry, a resting actor, shows you where films and TV shows were shot in the city, interdispersed with film clips of the buildings in question and insider chat about whose who in the the business. We also stopped a few times to inspect TV/film set buildings more closely and one 25 minute shopping shop. It is amazing how much shopping you can do in 25 minutes, even though I was the last person back on the bus.

The ‘Friends Building

The tour came to a halt by McGees Bar set of the US sitcom How I Met Your Mother. It would have been churlish to have missed the opportunity to have a couple of beers there and the chips (fries) were delicious. There various other more substantial meals on the menu, but at that point we were not that hungry.

Then of to MoMa – Museum of Modern Art to make time for a bit of culture. I think the highlight for all of us was Van Gogh’s Starry Night.



Monet and Worhol’s works are also on display there too, amongst many other great artists.

After that, we went back to the W for a quick turn around and then off to a pre-theatre dinner at Bubba Gump. I am sure you will remember Tom Hank’s amazing portrayal of Forrest Gump and that great line, among many, when Forrest was being presented with the Congressional Medal by the President who asked Forrest where he had been wounded and the reply was “in the but-tocks”. Well, darn it this might be one of a States-wide chain of Forrest Gump themed restaurants featuring predominately shrimp dishes, well I can tell you that I had the best steak there ever. The staff are great. We recommend you go early evening, because we had tried to get in a couple of times before after 08.00p.m. and the queue was out of the door. Or do the sensible thing and book a table. If you get a window seat, you get a great view of Times Square.


Then off to the Shubert Theatre to see Matilda.


I am afraid I am more than just a theatre lover. I love the performances obviously but I also love the theatres as well. So if I had the cash, I would like to work my way around all the theatres on Broadway and the little Lucille Lortel Theatre which we had seen on the tour earlier in the day with On Location Tours.


Lucille Lortel

I should have been an actress but never had the confidence, let alone the talent.

Anyway, the Shubert Theatre. Opened in in 1913, this gorgeous theatre seats 1463 people, you could have fooled me, it looked so much smaller. It felt very intimate and we were in the dress circle. If I had thought $17 was expensive for wine and a Twix at the Snapple Theater, I nearly fell over the parapet into the stalls at the Shubert, two white wines served in Matilda paper cups, $38.

Fabulous all singing and dancing set


and the cast? Fantastic. I had started getting to know the music a couple of months ago, so was almost word perfect. There are four young actresses who are currently playing Matilda, we were captivated by 10 year old Paige Brady’s performance. The film was so good with Miss Trunchball brilliantly portrayed by Pamela Ferris, so I wasn’t sure about this dastardly character being played by a man, Christopher Seiber, but it worked. He was very scary! This production will be a very hard act to follow, in terms of what I go and see next. It was excellent.

My encounter with the Shubert Theatre does not finish with the end of the performance. We went back to the W and got ready to climb into their fabulous comfy beds, when I realised that I hadn’t got my mobile phone. Panic set in as everything I need is stored on it. Perhaps not a great plan. My phone had been all over New York over the the previous few days, so it must have fallen out of my handbag which was under my seat during the performance. We rang it, but of course, I had put it on silent. So, in the hope that someone was still in the theatre, we rushed round there. All doors locked. Then our other phone rang. Someone in the theatre had found it and the stage door opened and a lady returned it to me. I didn’t ask her name. I was so relieved and so grateful to get it back. My screensaver is Cassie The Blog Dog and the lady who gave me my phone thought she looked beautiful. I must tell Cassie when I get home, I think she would love New York as much as I do.

Thank you very much for visiting my niche-less blog! If you have time before you leave, would love you to tell us what you think. All the best, Tessa Barrie

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