Top Snorkeling Tips for Amateurs

For years I used to make little jokes about fellow snorklers with huge (in length) flippers (fins). In 2001, whilst at Kuramathi, The Maldives, the strap broke on one of my child-sized fins.  The resort had no problem loaning me a pair and equipped with a huge pair of yellow fins I ventured further out into Indian Ocean – or anywhere else for that matter, than I had been before. I felt really confident and positively supersonic.

'Go faster' fins - for me anyway
‘Go faster’ fins – for me anyway

So the following year, we all bought super duper fins to take to Reethi Beach but it is always worth remembering that most resorts will lend you fins.  Although it is probably as well to check before you go.

Always take advice from your resort’s dive school.  When swimming anywhere new, the water may look inviting, but you need to check with the locals before you take the plunge, especially if you only snorkel or swim on your annual holiday.

If you want to go further and see more – big fins are essential.



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